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August – Anything But A Quiet Month!

From the desk of Seb Kirby.

I hope it will be of interest to read a summary of the most interesting issues that I’ve been posting, blogging and tweeting about during the month. As I hope you’ll agree, August was anything but a quiet month!

Pricing Your Book – 99c or $2.99?

I’ve been writing a series on my blog series to let writers and readers know about my ‘one month experiment’ with the price of my thriller ‘Take No More’. You can follow my adventures here.

An interesting reply came from small press publisher Robin Sullivan:

‘I applaud you for doing experimentation – it is great to see indie authors thinking about pricing and adjusting as that’s what “real publishers do”. My only complaint…is that you are only considering $0.99 and $2.99.

‘My small press prices our books at just under $5 ($4.95) and we sell thousands (and tens of thousands) of books each month.

‘Some examples: Nathan Lowell 9,500 books in July, Marshal Thomas 19,500 books in July, Leslie Ann Moore 5,500 books in July, Michael J. Sullivan 11,500 books in January). None of these are “big names” they are essentially “indie” unknowns but with the proper marketing you can make some really good money even above the $2.99 price point.

‘Just wanted to point out that there are other options in pricing – but as I started remember – to test and document your experiments.’

Here’s my reply: Continue reading

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