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DNA Nothing Would Ever Be The Same


D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same


by Ey Wade


“How can you handle everything alone, Debney? You’re really just a kid. Get over the guilt of the party and relax more. I’ll stand by your side. I can’t fight for you or your reputation at school if you refuse to stand up for yourself. I can’t continue listening to the way they talk about you. Some of the things they have been saying about you make me–”

“Do you think I care what other people think of me?” Debney moved away and grabbed herself a canned drink from the refrigerator. In irritation she slammed the can on the counter. “There’s nothing in this world I can do to redeem myself. In the eyes of every student at school I’m the slut who slept with at least eight boys in one night. And they’re the ones I remember. An enormous feat for someone who was a virgin before it all started. Maybe I didn’t do it with all of them, but I do know they were at the house. Can you even imagine how this makes me feel? I can’t even look anyone in the face when I’m walking the hallways. The girls smirk and whisper and play asinine tricks. The guys full out laugh, point and call me names. Some of them make the cruelest suggestions. I won’t mention the incidents every time I go to the restroom or what happens if I happen to find myself alone in the hallway with a guy. To make it all worse, when I go to class I get these looks of sympathy and or disgust from the teachers. I don’t know how to act anymore. Should I be bold and slap people around or timid and hide my shame behind my books or hair? You even backed away from me for a while. I’m scared. I’m alone in more ways than one and today was the first day I felt the baby move and I had no one to tell.”

“What? What did you just say about a baby moving?”

“I think I’m pregnant. No, I know I’m pregnant.”

“Oh my God, Debney, what are you going to do?”

“I dunno, have a baby.” She took a sip from the foaming can of coke she was holding.

“That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say?” Nadine paced quickly around the room like a person on the verge of a nervous breakdown, alternating the actions of waving her hands in the air, stopping to stare at Debney in disbelief and raking her fingers through her hair. In her excitement, she stumbled over the pillows and landed flat on her face in the middle of their softness. The crash not stopping her tirade, she flipped over and continued ranting, “You’re not going to cry? Go into hysterics? If it were me, I wouldn’t know what to do or who to tell. Are you really sure you’re pregnant? Have you taken any tests?”

“Yes and I already did the crying and ranting, but nothing changed. I’m still pregnant. I called the only person I knew I could talk to. This isn’t something I could have just text.”

“Maybe you took the wrong kind of test. Let’s go and get a different one. This just can’t be happening. How can you sit there and be so calm? I would be so scared.” She jumped up and held her arms in the air in exaggeration. “Hell, no I wouldn’t be…. I would be dead. My parents would kill me.”

“Well, unless my parents decide to return from their heavenly destination, it’s safe to say they won’t be coming to kill me.”

“Damn Debney, I’m sorry.” She joined Debney on the couch and placed her arms around her shoulders. “I keep saying the stupidest things tonight.”

“No, you say exactly what I figured you would. Why do you think I called you over? You are the most normal thing left in my world.”

Without warning, Debney began to cry. Like a thunderstorm that suddenly appears, her tears came in torrents. For a moment, she found comfort in her friend’s arms, but the emotions she had been holding inside rushed through her, and she could no more hold in her flood than a beaver’s dam could hold in Niagara Falls.
She rolled off the couch and buried her face in the pillows on the floor in an effort to squelch the screams that wanted to break through.

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Rabbit in Red

Another author with Distinguished Press is about to have their cherry popped! Joe Chianakas’ debut novel and first book in the horror mystery series Rabbit in Red is about to hit shelves.


Bill Wise has blood in his past, so he turns to horror films to wipe it clean. Jaime Stein has felt the betrayal of death, so she too takes refuge in the on-screen deaths of others. Now Bill, Jaime, and seventeen other horror-loving teens have gathered at Rabbit in Red Studios, the brainchild of eccentric horror producer Jay “JB” Bell, for the terror-filled, blood-drenched contest of their lives. 

JB has presented this competition as a race between the best of the best that will reward the winners with cash, internships, and a career making the movies they love. But things aren’t always as they seem at Rabbit in Red, and soon life starts to imitate art. Will Bill and Jaime be strong enough to confront real horror to save their friends, or will they all fall victim to JB’s twisted plans?

Rabbit in Red

Rabbit in Red

Check out the excerpt below!

This was the moment! He seized a knife that was on the kitchen floor and stabbed the hand—his own hand!—pinning it to the floor. He hesitated a moment, looking at this image in front of him. It was the strangest thing Bill could have imagined. There he was, on the floor of JB’s game chamber, but all around him he only saw the infamous cabin in the woods from The Evil Dead. And he had stabbed his own hand, but thankfully he felt no more than a sharp pinch. The knife was virtual, but the glove was real, and whatever technology JB programmed in it, the glove reacted in perfect real time to everything happening on screen.

He knew what he had to do next, and he was both excited and terrified at the idea. This was the epic moment with Ash in The Evil Dead. He had to cut off the possessed hand. That was the only way to get rid of the evil, to not become fully possessed. With his right hand pinned to the floor gushing out blood, Bill reached for the chainsaw that Ash had used earlier in the movie, which of course happened to be right next to him. Remembering this iconic scene from those younger memories when he and his friends cheered, Bill picked up the chainsaw with his left hand, bit on the cord and yanked it back with as much force as he could to start the gas-powered hacking device and brought it down on his right arm. The screeching noises, the loud mechanics of the saw, the crunching of bone, and the splattering of blood coalesced in a cacophony of noises, an orchestra of pain.

Bill cut off the hand.

About the author:


Joe Chianakas is a professor of communication at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL. He’s a super fan of horror and literature. Rabbit in Red is his first published novel. He likes writing in all sorts of genres from horror to traditional coming-of-age. You can find Joe online at or

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Paper or digital?

Hi all,

So it’s me, Charles, back for my monthly installment.  I’ve been around a while (I’m 39) and I thought the other day of how much technology has affected what way we ingest our favorite writers. When I was young (up until I was 17), the only way to read was with paper (at least for me, PDFs did exist in 1993 but were only used then for academic papers). Aside from novels (which I have been obsessed with, even now I only have about one-hundred) I had a huge collection of comic books, probably around 3000 of them. I love comics (I still read them) and I thought my collection would be worth something someday . . . well it was worth something but not nearly as much as I hoped. Around 15 years later I started to sell it off piece by piece but I digress. My point here is that whether it was a comic book, a magazine (I used to collection Dungeons and Dragons magazines) or a novel, it was paper and it usually meant just carrying 1 or 2 with you.


That changed back in 1996 when the first Palm Pilot came out and since I’ve always loved gadgets, I had one that year. With a palm pilot I was able to read books, e-mails and do some other convenient things whenever I wanted to. PDFs were only just gaining popularity any virtually any you found were ones you created yourself or looked high and low for on the Internet. Still though the idea that I could carry around more than one or two things to read and I was intrigued. Sure the display was crappy (it was not even in color but this weird monochrome LCD screen. It was a touch screen though and the ability to tab it with a stylus pen was neat, I had one with me 5 days a week for years, I found them reliable and fairly easy to use (though I went through two in four years).


Before we go further I know that Laptops were available in 1981 and those with color screens were around by 1991 but they were expensive then and I didn’t carry one around me most of the time. I will add though while comic book subscriptions (or the Comixology app) weren’t around, there were many PDF and CBR (comic book reader) versions to be found, so by 1997 I was reading comics and PDFs on my laptop as well. By the way if you ever think about buying a laptop on Ebay with no warranty (and it’s as strange brand name) don’t do it! I had constant trouble with mine and in the end had to give to my friend for spare parts.


For me I reached the point when I found that I was still printing stuff off of the internet and buying novels (though I found I could save a ton of cash by never buying hardcover and waiting for sales/going to used book stores). I used to go on binges and once while on vacation in Florida I bought 15 Star Trek books and read them all (most of them were crap if you’re curious. There is something about holding a book in your hands, no matter how cheap/convenient/easy eBooks get, I’ll never be able to give up print entirely.

Move forward some more, this time to April of 2010. My first book was released, “The Newfoundland Vampire” (you knew I was getting a plug in here somewhere! 😉 Oh it’s currently available from the great folks at Distinguished Press and is better than ever with a new cover and touched-up story. I gained a new perspective on books, comics, ebooks and audio books. I could see then that it hurt me when someone downloaded my book for free and I made a point to pay for everything I got from the internet. More relevant to this post, however, is that I got an iPad (it still works fine too!).


The iPad changed a lot for me. Now I could carry around hundreds of books, the ability to download any comic I had purchased and of course with the internet purchase any book (that was available as an ebook) I liked and read it instantly. With this lightweight, handy device I found myself buy paper books much less, the same went for comics. I did also (just for completeness sake) also buy a Kindle. The reasoning is lost on me (I suppose it was an impulse buy) but I was impressed by the devotion of this device to books and it’s simple connection to Amazon (for free at the time as well) was a great piece of marketing.


Now let’s bring it up to present day. I find that I listen to an audio book and I’m reading a novel on my iPad but yet I still buy my D&D books in print format and I have a good dozen print books waiting to be read on my bookshelf. For comics I still buy them at Flea Markets/conventions/comic book stores when I see a good deal (or something I can’t get in digital format) and I’m subscribed to four digital titles. So I would say I’m about 60% digital and 40% print. There’s something about the feel of paper and the ease of flipping through pages that I haven’t found a digital book able to replicate, until that day I’ll continue to support both.

How about you, do you think ebooks have print on the ropes? Is there room for both? Which one will win? Is it even a contest? I’m getting tired! Talk to you all next month.

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Stop! Rewrite!

When I first submitted Embers for edits, my editor sent it back to me with notes and corrections that didn’t even go past Chapter 3, and I was told to rewrite the whole thing.

In short, I was mortified. I thought that my entire book had to be awful for my editor to not have bothered to do a complete edit all the way through. I despaired for days. I convinced myself that I was a terrible author and that I’d probably never write another book again. In time, though, as the despair faded into determination, I realized that what my editor had done was really a blessing in disguise.

In Geisha, A Life by Mineko Iwasaki, the author recounts her journey to becoming a renowned geiko, starting back from her early childhood. While she was taking dance lessons, every girl there dreaded hearing their teacher tell them “stop!” For them, being told to stop was the dance teacher’s way of saying that their dancing was horrible and they should leave class and never return.

At one point, Mineko, who had been a proficient dancer and named successor of the okiya that took her in, received a dreaded “stop!” from her teacher and she returned home in tears. Upon arriving home, she was confronted and asked what was the matter. When she explained what had happened in dance class, she got an unexpected reaction.

The purpose of the “stop!” was not a punishment or an unofficial ban from dance classes. In actuality, it was a much-needed push. Mineko had been hitting a wall with her dancing, and her teacher had only been trying to give her that extra push to do better, to try harder. Ultimately, Mineko went back to dance class, and she returned stronger than ever, surprising even herself.

So, what does dancing have anything to do with my editor’s own instructions to rewrite Embers? I, too, was hitting a wall creatively. Writing Embers was a long and difficult process. I had a lot of challenges in life to overcome, so being able to create with such burdens on my shoulders was difficult.

When my editor told me to rewrite Embers, it was much like how Mineko had been told to stop. It was my push. I realized that it was the moment I could either allow myself to submit defeat and continue to wallow in despair, or I could stand and fight and turn Embers into the amazing novel it could be.

I’d worked too hard on it to give up. So I broke through the wall, and I shattered it. I came back strong, and now here we are, just days away from Embers‘ launch day.

So, I say to you other authors out there, don’t be afraid. If your editor tells you to rewrite your book, don’t greet it with despair like I did. See it for what it really is–the push to do better. Because what it boils down to is simply whether you’ll choose to give up, or choose to exceed everyone’s expectations, including your own. Face the challenge head on. You can do it.

Write the novel you were meant to. Take good and turn it into greatness. Take greatness and become extraordinary.

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Rules of Time Travel

Time travel has been an integral part of science fiction for as long as I can remember. I think it’s a fascinating concept. If you could go back in time, where would you go? What would you do if you could go forward in time? Would you make changes, if you had the ability? It’s a concept I explored in the second book in my series, Mirror Shattered. The team has to travel back to 1965 to prevent an alien race from stopping the creation of the Intergalactic Security Commission. The result does have a ripple effect. Truths were no longer facts. Some changes minor, but there were several major effects from the team’s actions.

When I started to write the short stories on the origins of the other characters in the series, a thought occurred to me. I wrote the story as a prequel to Mirror Image, but the actions in Mirror Shattered would’ve changed the first book, wouldn’t it? I had to sit down and draw up a timeline to figure out what I did in my own book. My father and I often get into discussions regarding if the events in the Back to the Future movies could’ve happened the way they play out because of the changes in the timeline.

It begged a question to me. What are the rules of time travel?

  1. Be careful what information you give. This one is obvious to me, but it still takes a considerable amount of thought. Maddie spoke semi-openly about her personally to Charlie, thinking the thirteen year old wouldn’t retain information. She also didn’t know about his identic memory.
  2. What happened in the past was supposed to happen … right? But then it wouldn’t be much of a time travel story if there weren’t some hijinks.
  3. Be careful what you wish for. But, to me, that’s a rule in life.
  4. Always be on your guard.
  5. Do the mission you set out to do. Don’t try to play hero and help. Remember, you weren’t there originally so whatever happened, happened without you there.
  6. Whatever you do, interact as little with people outside of your time as possible.


What do you think are other rules? Anything I missed?

On the 21st, book one in a new sci-fi romance series will release. Amethyst Chronicles: Winter’s Kiss, is an exciting story I can’t wait to share. Check out for two excerpts as well as a giveaway for the new series!

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Charity Go-Fund Me Campaign – Cancer Related

Bobbie, a mother of 5 has just found out that she has Cancer and must immediately have surgery. Doctors presume but are unsure of whether the Cancer has spread but based on symptoms and other test results its not good. It is more than likely that its spread to her colon. She has NO insurance and no job. She cannot get state medicaid and the government doesn’t care about people like her. Her husband supports her with his Veteran check but even with that they cannot afford to pay for the surgery, doctor visits, gas, co-pays, and other bills. Its life threatening and she must have the surgery immediately. Please help this mother and wife through her battle so that she can remain here on earth with her children. Every dollar helps them through this time of need. Thank you very much for joining this event and sharing it with others. OUR GOAL is $2500 to pay for all the medical bills, gas, and other things such as medicines.


Donate here:



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Nebula Nights

 Nebula Nights is a collection of 11 sci-fi romance books which is taking the eReader world by storm. Some of these stories are written by best selling and award winning authors. 65970_529802730452701_9070270748237963231_n

Here’s an excerpt from one of the stories included in this amazing box set:



The lights along the path and beside the benches flickered and went out, plunging them into darkness.

Glancing around, Deverane frowned in the moonlight. He released her, keeping one hand around her wrist and putting the other on the butt of his blaster. “Is that normal?”

“The generators have been known to be troublesome in the summer. Probably nothing.” The moment was gone, the spell she’d been under broken. Am I disappointed? Relieved? Things had been moving way too fast between them for people who had just met. “Fortunately, we still have enough moonlight to see the path.” Andi took a step toward the clubhouse.

He tightened his grip on her wrist, forcing her to stop. “Wait.”

Yelling broke out in the large building on the rise behind them. Glaring, spora­dic flashes burst from the general direction of the parking area and from the main wing of the celebration hall itself. Making the forest brighter than day, a sizable explosion obliterated the light of the two moons for a moment. Clapping her hands to her ears at the concussion, Andi ducked, crowding into the reassuringly hard-muscled captain.

In one fluid motion, he had his blaster in hand. Still keeping his grasp on her wrist, he drew Andi farther away from the path, taking cover behind a wide, multiple-trunked tree. Placing himself between her and the build­ing, he leaned out, reconnoitering the pathway. The screams and shouts were increasing in intensity and number.

Andi huddled against the tree, rough bark scraping her arm. He was right, this sounds like the beginning of war. Trembling, she had to lock her jaw to keep her teeth from chattering as one piercing shriek rose above the rest of the general uproar.

“I’m afraid we missed our deadline for a clean escape.” His voice was harsh, the words angry. “Come on.” Pulling Andi to her feet, he laced his fingers in hers and drew her from the safety of the tree, setting a course around the edge of the lake to the east.


If you bought each of these books separately, it would cost $25. Or you can buy Nebula Nights for $.99! Check out the links for your next addiction and meet some new favorite authors!


Barnes & Noble:

All Romance eBooks:





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Child of an Author – An interview with my kids

Today as I searched for a good topic to share with our readers my mind wandered to what it must be like for my children to see me working all the time. If I’m not writing, I’m organizing promotions, building covers, and extending my hand to others who need the support. I find myself working many hours a day. So, I asked my kids what it is like being the child of an author. Two small people with brilliant minds and two vastly different answers to the same questions.

The following is how the conversation/interview progressed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Question: So, do you like being the child of an author?

Daughter: Yes.

Son: I don’t know.


Question: What does an author do? 

Daughter: An author writes a story so they can have a living. That’s what they do for a living. If they have children they feed and take care of the children.

Son: Making a book.

books-library table


Question: Do you think an author has to make a lot of books?

Daughter: No, because if you have children who will you spend time with? That’s the problem.

Son: They should write as many as they want.


Question: What do you like about it?

Daughter: Sometimes you get to help them write.

Son: That I get to play minecraft.


Question: What do you dislike about being the child of an author?

Daughter: I don’t get to write when she grounds me off tech. (she’s also a published author)

Son: hm…..


Question: What’s the most fun about having mom writing from home?

Daughter: That she gets to see us.

Son: I like she can play with us, and help with homework.


Question: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Daughter: I don’t know yet.

Son: Make games.

As you can see, I’ve got a fantastic support and play system. I couldn’t be more blessed with inspiration than what I find within my arms every night and day. If you’d like to check out some of the projects that they have shared in inspiring you can find them on my Amazon Author Page, also on Nook, Kobo, and Eretailers worldwide.

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Why I became an author

There are a lot of different reasons I hear from people when they answer why they became a writer. Money often comes up. Occasionally someone says fame. Or they would say it’s in their blood.

I don’t know about any of that.

When I started writing, it wasn’t for fame or money. I had a story in my head which I had to get out. When my story was finished, I knew I wasn’t done. There was so much more to the story than just one book. I had a series on my hands. One I couldn’t wait to share with the world.

My little sci-fi romance story recently ranked as high as #23 on Amazon in its genre. I never would’ve guessed Mirror Image would get the response it has. I’ve started to plan the party for the second in the series, Mirror Shattered, to launch on August 15th. And yesterday I found something which really blew my mind. CNN featured an article on me and my sweet book. Check it out here

I never thought I would garner attention like this. And the entire experience has been surreal to say the least. I never wrote for fame or money. Always said if anything were to happen, that would be icing on the cake. All of that is still true. I’m just happy people are reading Mirror Image and will hopefully follow along with Mack, Maddie, and the others as the adventures continue.

I’ve heard someone say if you wake up in the morning and you want to write, then you’re a writer. In my case, that’s true. My heart lies upon the pages. Regardless how you chose to read, I’m really glad you did. 🙂 If you haven’t yet, Barnes and Noble has the paperback on sale! eBook is also in the link:

My advice for any aspiring author: write every day. If this is something you are truly passionate about, find the time. Write because this is something you love. Everything else will follow.

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Victoria Kinnaird

Victoria Kinnaird is 25 years old and lives in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2009 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Journalism, Creative Writing and English Lit. Victoria has been writing since she was 15 years old. “The Red Sun Rises” is her debut novel and she has been writing it on and off for five years. She loves rock music, and 11 of her 12 tattoos are related to bands that she loves!

Tell me something you want people to know about you:
I don’t believe in guilty pleasures when it comes to music, books or films.

Tell us how you live or walk us through a normal day for you:
I work full time, so my day is pretty normal! I get up, go to work, and then eight and a half hours later I come home! I usually have a quick dinner then I retreat to the Bat Cave to do some writing or some promo for my book. Then I usually load up the Netflix and watch something in bed. Pretty boring, I know!

Are you a full-time writer? If not, tell us about your day job:
I am not a full time writer, I have a day job that I really enjoy. I work as a customer service advisor for a company that deals with photo gifts, so it’s really fun, and I work with some great people. I’ve also become an accredited trainer recently so that has been really new and challenging.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
I feel like “The Red Sun Rises” has a lot to say, but hopefully it doesn’t bash people over the head with it. I think there are a few very important themes – that it is important that you’re true to yourself, even when that’s difficult, that if you have the ability to help someone, you should. It also touches on sexuality, faith, acceptance, bullying and so on, so there’s really a lot going on there! But as long as readers enjoy it, I’m happy.

How much of the book is based off personal experiences?
Well, it’s about vampires and spell casters so not much! There are things in there that I can relate to – Eren’s love of rock music, the fact that he’s been bullied for a long time and so on, but generally speaking I don’t see much of myself in the book at all.

What are your current projects?
At the moment, I am writing the sequel to “The Red Sun Rises”. It’s called “The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash”.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?
It’s not something I remember happening all of a sudden, I think it was very gradual. I read a lot when I was little, and when I was finished reading the book I would find myself making up stories of my own and drawing them out in the blank pages at the back of the book. I tried my hand at poetry in my early teens and I started writing prose when I was 15.

Do you ever experience writer’s block and how do you overcome it?
Thankfully it isn’t something that I come up against often, but when I do, it’s really bad. I think the best thing to do is keep calm and take a break. Try to identify where the block is coming from, that’s always the quickest way to resolve it. I overcome it by just taking a break, maybe a couple of days or a week off from writing. The ideas start to percolate in my brain in the background and then after a while I’m ready to go back to work.

What project are you working on now?
My second novel has my full attention at the moment, although I find Book 3 keeps butting in to my brain every so often!

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?
Don’t give up, really. It sounds so cliché, but it’s true. If you want it and you stick with it, it will happen.


Purchase your copy today
Amazon USAAmazon UK


Hypothetical Hotspot™

The Zombie Apocalypse is a scientific possibility. What’s your plan when it happens?
Hide behind my sister. She’s very tough, and I’m pretty sure she’d be good with a gun. Plus she can cook and sew, she’d be very hand in an apocalypse situation.

When you are 80-years-old, what will matter to you the most?
Haha that’s a good question! I just hope my tattoos look okay when i’m 80!

If there’s an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?
This is such a clever question! I’m thinking yes.

If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do?
Lie on my bed, line all my favourite albums up on iTunes and eat chocolate until I pass out.

If you need a ride at 3:00 in the morning who would you call?
My dad. He’s a taxi driver, so he’s used to it.

If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?
I would like to look a bit alternative, you know, because looking conventional would probably freak me out. I’d like to go to a rock concert and really rock out because people wouldn’t look at me funny for doing it if I was a guy!

If you were a police officer for one day what would you do with the authority?
Arrest people with really bad fake tans.

Here’s some easy ways to stalk Vicki on Facebook and Twitter.

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