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Exciting News !!!!

Hey y’all!!!  I know I’m new here (and for good reason).  My first short story is about to be published.  It has been a life long dream of mine and it’s finally happening!!!  I am very honored to be included in this awesome book with 3 veteran authors, Catrina Taylor, Y.K. Greene, and RaeAnne Hadley.  These women are very well published authors and their works are amazing (in my opinion anyways).  I’ve posted the link.  It is on pre-order right now through Amazon.  So go check it out, leave a review and tell all your friends!!!!


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Cat Moon is OUT!!! WOOOOOOOOO!

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Read it before it came out and it’s so incredible! Now it’s out! eee!

‪#‎NewRelease‬ ‪#‎Paranormal‬ ‪#‎YA‬ On sale for $.99.


Emma has big problems. She has no family and no home. She wanders the streets of The Warren, scavenging for her next meal and trying to keep warm. Haunted by the memory of a mother she barely recalls, Emma dreams of being a part of a real family. She is helped in her search for belonging by an assortment of eccentric characters: a friendly shopkeeper and his cranky uncle, the nice woman who runs the local mission, a ditzy cat lady, and a good-natured prostitute with a drinking problem.

Her biggest obstacle, however, is that every full moon, she turns into a feral cat! Emma is one of the Were. She and those like her are ruthlessly hunted by the captain of the Were-Guard, whose religious zealotry makes him especially dangerous. When the sinister Bram Fitzwilliam enters the picture to assist the Guard, Emma is in more danger than ever. Before she finds what she’s looking for, Emma must find a strength and courage she never knew she had. Her journey will teach her that dreams don’t always come true the way you want them to, that people aren’t always what they seem, and that real families can be chosen. ‪#‎DPPub‬

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Diaper Parties and books, what will they think of next?

Greetings and salutations all,

This is my first post at the IWAssociation and as a proud member of the Distinguished Press author family. They have been wonderful so far, very welcoming and fun to talk with. I’ve got a great new editor (and owner) and have already made some new friends. Enough about DP though onto my post.

About a month ago I went to a diaper party, what a diaper party some of you may be asking? (I know what it is because I’ve been to a bunch) Let’s see what the good old interwebs has to say:

“This is the male equivalent to a baby shower. When the mother of the child has a baby shower, the father of the child has a Diaper Party, at which his buddies (usually the significant others of the women attending the baby shower) bring cases of diapers and beer.

Hey man, is your Diaper Party the same day as the baby shower?”

women-history-month-sports-no-interest   The above is from and it sums it up. It’s the male version of  baby shower, here’s the problem I’ve had, all my friends are geeks. As such I’ve  never had a very good time at any of them. Yes I know what you’re thinking, maybe that’s more my fault than theirs but let me give you an example of how they can get weird from a brief recount of the one I went to last month. So a friend of my brother’s (and I guess a casual friend of mine) who we’ll call Bill invited me to his party. I brought diapers but no beer (I had been at a party the night before and was more than a little hungover) and it wasn’t a BBQ. You know how you have friends that you only see once, twice or maybe three times a year? Bill is that kind of friend for me. So I went and as expected the hockey game was on (Bill’s a geek but a lot of people he invited aren’t). I have zero interest in sports, at least watching, I’ve haven’t followed a team since high school and couldn’t care less about the Olympics or any playoff/championship game. There was food but of course I’m a vegetarian (no one else there was) so about 90% was not what I would eat. To make this party even more strange is the fact that his parents are there (he doesn’t live at home but this is where the party was held) and they invited all these people in their 50-60s who are all bikers. I knew maybe 6 people there out of 30. All this adds up to a rather boring time for me, at least for the first few hours.

(I couldn’t find a picture of a guy who didn’t like sports but it’s okay, I’m a lot cuter than her 😉 So as I’ve noticed during parties after a while when the early birds leave (or in this case they really out of place biker people trying to social with people 30 years younger than them) break into smaller groups where people chat more. This one guy came in the room and started talking about TV shows (in particular Game of Thrones, which is amazing by the way!) books and movies. Naturally my geek antenna went up and once I had my chance I worked my way into the conversation. We had a nice chat about geeky stuff (there’s a ton of comic books movies these days and lots of good TV). Bill felt his social duties to mix with the rest of party ended and he came in too (I quite like Bill if you’re wondering, I’m just not a family man and I find you naturally spend time with childless couples rather than those with them). Eventually we started talk about books and in particular horror ones (which I am something of an expert on).







We both agreed that “The Dark Tower” (by Steve King of course, if you didn’t know that you may be on the wrong website!) starts off wonderful but eventually turns to almost unreadable garbage (King basically admits that he pumped out the last two books because he thought he was going to die after a bad accident). And no I haven’t read the latest one (which actually takes place earlier in the series) and yes the comics are generally top notch so I don’t condemn everything with “Dark Tower” on it. I finally found a chance to start talking about my books (“The Newfoundland Vampire” books 1 and 2) and I handed out a bookmark (now double sided!). I don’t know if he’ll buy a copy (I don’t remember his name, I’m terrible with them) but I think I made a good impression. (You know I was going to work a plug in here somewhere!) I always like to hear people’s perspective on vampire books/movies/TV shows in particular as I’m in the editing process for the re-issue of book 1 at my new publishing home Distinguished Press and this should hopefully be available right sometime in July of 2015.

So if you’re at a crappy party by advice would be drink more (if you’re of age and get a ride home of course) or just stick it out and wait for the people you want to chat with. As for diaper parties…they’re not going away here in Newfoundland and at least I can buy the biodegradable ones, plus I find there’s always a few geeks everywhere I go.

Have you been to a diaper party? What did you think of it? Until next time everyone!

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Social Anxiety Disorder – (SAD) – Definition, Coping, and Character Creation

What is it?

It’s when a person finds themselves excessively uncomfortable in social settings. This can be online, public, or otherwise. Each person’s anxiety varies individually. Some have concerns with the phone, while others are unable to move forward with simple things in life like going to the store or a restaurant.


Coping from the insider’s mind

When a person experiences Social Anxiety Disorder in one form or another they have to find ways to cope. That means adjustments in what others may consider daily lives. Many people experience anxiety making a phone call but find use of the internet and text messaging is smoother for completing many daily communication tasks.

Regarding exiting the home for one reason or another, a person with social anxiety disorder often seeks those they are most comfortable with. While some can, in time, move forward on their own, it isn’t something expected by the person experiencing the disorder. The steps needed to be taken are often smaller than the outsider would appreciate. The effort to move beyond a comfortable environment alone is stressful and overwhelming. It can generate anxiety attacks with a simple thought of doing so. The smaller steps taken to overcome this are needed to ease the process of being able to cope. Visiting a common store with someone close often can create a feeling of familiarity for a person who’s experiencing SAD. Eventually this location may become a feeling of safety and thus could be something they experience on their own in time.


Coping from an outsider’s point of view

Those with social anxiety disorder often appear to be unwilling to challenge themselves to take on the events of the world around them. This isn’t the case and to approach someone with SAD while holding onto this thought process, a person can do more harm than good. If a person attempts to explain to they are unable to bring themselves to do certain things alone, or beyond their comfort zone, it is an advisement of what they contend with daily. This information does not change who a person is. It does identify current limitations that need to be respected.

Should you select to support a person who encounters daily events of Social Anxiety Disorder it is important not to pressure them. This may be easier said than done as the nature of the disorder can generate pressure in itself. Listen to the individual experiencing the social anxiety and you’ll hear what they need to manage or cope. If they ask for support going to the store, this is an activity a personal support friend can draw themselves into. Select someplace that can accommodate everyday needs and make it a regular stop. Eventually this activity will become comfortable for the person who experiences Social Anxiety Disorder and it may become something they are able to achieve one day on their own.

Should there be activities, such as eating out, that a person enjoys but due to their social anxiety concerns they may have other challenges. Keep in mind that dining out is often done in the company of friends. Those who are not friends may trigger the anxiety. With this in mind – all restaurants are filled with anxiety. The server is a stranger. The host that walks to the seat is a stranger. The people at most of the other tables are also unknown to the person with social anxiety. As such some easy tips for helping them cope would be to allow them to select a seat most comfortable to them. If needed, identify what they would like to order and convey that to the server when it’s requested.

If you’re a friend to someone who finds phone calls anxiety inducing, text, email, or social network with them. It’s a simple process that allows and enables the person to be social in a way that does not induce anxiety.

Speaking from Experience

When I first began to experience Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) it covered many layers. Overtime, as I pushed myself, I’ve been able to move beyond some things and not others. Often pushing myself out of need and with the help of anti-anxiety medications has enabled me to continue to provide for my family. This fact doesn’t make the process any easier. I am still excessively contained to people who knew me as an extrovert. Online, I often still appear to be, however that doesn’t change what I experience.

For me, phone calls are a big deal. I can manage as needed but when I can avoid it I do. This has led to some hurt feelings among those I care about. While this result is regrettable, it is better to maintain a level of personal emotional security than for the anxiety to interrupt my daily routine. Most have come to understand that text messaging is key for maintaining communication with me. I’m grateful to everyone who has. It makes one of my personal anxiety concerns less interrupting.

There are many people who experience some form of SAD. Our experiences are unique to us individually and as such we need that support to cater to the individual not as a blanket response. If you know someone who experiences it, regardless of what you may once recall of them, spend your time getting to know their needs and emotional limitations without being intrusive. Give them the room to control what is needed to cope and support any requests made in that arena.

Applications to Writing

In creating a realistic character who experiences this disorder an author needs to take into account all aspects of their world. This character is typically not going to be someone who can not leave their home at all. That’s another anxiety inducing disorder all together,Agoraphobia. You will want to create a character who is willing to challenge their limitations in some small way each time. At no point will those steps appear to be huge, but they will feel huge for a character.

For example: If you have a character that finds meeting new people may cause them to become short of breath or encounter another physical manifestation of their anxiety, this character may only order food to be delivered. This delivery person is a new person and could trigger the anxiety but it’s a step forward for someone with a daily experience of SAD.

To maintain realism with a character who lives every day with Social Anxiety you will want to generate a forward and backward stepping process in their development. For every step forward there will be a struggle. For every victory, a defeat should mimic their achievement.

Do you personally experience this disorder? Have you ever created a character who’s experienced this or another social disorder? How so? What are your thoughts?

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Happy 2014!




We made it another full year! What a rush! We start every new year with a renewed opportunity to improve upon the last and 2014 is no exception! We are excitedly looking forward to busy, productive sites, and fun conversations. Let this year be our year, your year, and the year we all reach for, and work for our goals!

The Independent Writer’s Association members will be sharing their releases for the last year, and we are looking forward to discussing what we’re working on for the coming year!

We are also open to new author participation! Would you like to be a member of an active and varied blog that brings in many viewers? Do you believe in supporting other authors? Are you ready to further your platform? Let’s work together! Contact us and we’ll work out your membership!

This year holds a lot of promise and fun! Can’t wait to savor it all.

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Black March

For those of you who don’t know me, I spend a lot of time on Google Plus. I love the relationships, news and information I’ve encountered there. Being on there, I have been informed, enlightened and surprised. At times that surprise isn’t a good thing. It was through google plus that I first learned about the SOPA, PIPA and ACTA bills. All of them have a ‘stop piracy’ lean to them, but they do so at the cost of censoring the internet and invading privacy of the individual. Today, I got a great surprise.

Thanks to the efforts of a handful of incredible people. (Moan Lisa, Shauna Myers, Giuseppe Russo, Gianmario Scotti) I have learned about an effort to support, feature and encourage an open market by supporting the independent authors, artists and musicians around the world. The goal of Black March is to show the major individuals that influence how and where we purchase our entertainment, that we won’t tolerate their pushing the little guy out of the picture. I think this is a fantastic movement and I know I’m personally committing to the supporting Black March.

The best way to show your support for this movement is to purchase your entertainment this month from Independent Artists in all areas of entertainment. Take a moment and read a new author, support a new musician, and share your experiences with the world.


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Reader Interview Results: Tensing

As I’m finishing my first book and a number of supplemental stories, I’m hearing a lot about this. Some readers can’t get passed the first page because it is written in present tense, while others have been draw in to the point of distraction. Obviously this has had me reflecting on the books I’ve read as well. It’s left me with the question: What tense do most find appealing? To resolve this curiosity, I conducted informal interviews with many avid readers about the topic. I’ve included information from 3 of the lengthier conversations I had.

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Thank You note and Member Information

We want to thank everyone for the rapidly growing interest in the Independent Writers Association. Both readers and writers alike have contacted us on twitter, facebook and G+ and the support is amazing.

Among the responses we’ve received are requests from authors to join the IWA:
Thank you for your interest in the group. We appreciate your support, but due to our desire to create a cohesive and supportive network, we are not open to requests to join at this time. Everyone thus far has received a private invitation to be a member. Currently, some invitations have not received a response.

We will re-evaluate our position as the month comes to a close.
It is possible that in the future we will have a formalized member application process. Should we do this, we will make a multi-location announcement. If you are interested, watch our site news updates for further information.

We are open to guest posts from any who would like to contribute, as our schedule permits. Please contact either of the administrators, Sarah Barnard or Catrina Taylor, to find out what slots are available.

For our readers:
You have been amazing, conversational and supportive. Thank you beyond words. If you have suggestions for site enhancements, interactions, or topics you’d like to see covered please contact either @UKSarahBarnard or @TheLadyWrites (Catrina) via Twitter or through this site. We’d love to hear from you.

We are excited about the success and look forward to having fantastic conversations and information in the days and years ahead.

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Time for Reading

Reading is an incredible thing. It honestly walks you through the infinite possibilities in the human mind. Reading can educate, enlighten, inform and inspire anyone who picks up a book, tablet or looks over their computer screen. Taking time to read daily for ourselves can be a challenge but one worth aspiring to.

By taking time to read non-fiction, people have learned about the stars, the atom and the legal ramifications of calling someone a bull in the state of New Mexico in the United States of America.  It instructs, informs and motivates individuals toward greater knowledge and personal challenges. It equips the reader with tools they didn’t have before the first page and with knowledge to utilize those tools effectively.

By taking time to read fiction, people have felt what it is to fly, walk through walls, be trampled down and lifted back up. Fiction inspires people to dream and reach beyond what they believe they can. It instils a desire to aspire and shows us that no matter how bad life is, we will always find choices, and we will always overcome.

Yes, we have to read for work, and yes we have to read to our children, but we need to take time to read for ourselves. Sometimes, the reading may only be 10 minutes for a whole day. In that 10 minutes, a reader can escape the world around them and emerge themselves in personal betterment or just some personal time.  We all have ‘one of those days’ where having the 10 minute escape can make all the difference in how we address and overcome it.

Bottom line – take time for yourself and take time to read.

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