Challenges… we all face them. Some people are thrilled with the challenges mountain climbing, cross-country marathons and swimming with sharks provides. Others find that their greatest challenge is in doing a simple task on their own that most of us would take for granted.

I have often asked colleagues to throw word challenges at me. The idea was to test my creativity. I would be given a word or two and I had to write something incorporating those words.

Last year one such challenge provided me with the words staircase and imprisonment, which inspired the following:

‘It was day four of my imprisonment and I knew I had to try again. Listening at the closed door I heard no sound from my captors. I opened it without a telltale sound and crept down the hallway. The staircase loomed ahead. If I could make it down, it was a mere ten steps across the foyer and then out the front door to freedom. I cursed the hip replacement surgery that had left me temporarily dependent on others. Then I gave thanks for the hip replacement surgery that would allow me to dance in the meadows once more.’

Given that my partner had just had two full hip replacements within ten months, I could imagine how he must have felt during those first few days. The inability to walk down a staircase must have made him feel like a prisoner.

Now a different challenge has been thrown at me and I’ll soon undergo the same surgery.

Later this month when someone is excited about finishing a race, someone else will be excited about sitting up without assistance and I’ll be excited about walking across the room.

Challenges… we all face them.


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