Scrambling For Release

Sinead MacDughlas

Two days and a few hours; that’s all that stands between me and becoming a published author. Oh, and preparing the release packages! Oh, and getting the special┬ásurprises together for the two book clubs and two blogs helping me promote the release! Oh, and checking into the sites, recommended to me, that offer services for distributing press releases for indie authors. Oh, and…you get the idea.

See, this is another part of why I decided to release an anthology before I finish and publish my novel. When I’d finished writing, and began reading more about the steps to publication, I finally had to admit I have NO CLUE how to go about it. Usually, I’m a fast study. I read, I practice, I implement; that’s my way of learning. The problem is, there’s so much to learn and absorb. A year ago I had next to no idea what a forum was, html could have stood for “how to marinate liver” for all I knew, and don’t even get me started on how little I knew about blogging. So, although I’ve stumbled a few times along the way, at least I’ve made a sketchy map to follow when I publish the novel. I’m confident I’m about to publish some of my best work, to date, in this anthology. With a professionally designed cover around it, and a skilled editor behind it, I know this book is ready. It’s the author who’s close to hyperventilating. The all important question, “Will the readers like it?”.

This is my gift to the people who’ve supported me from the beginning, and those who’ve jumped on board since. The Unscheduled Stops is my way of thanking them and a chance to increase their numbers. If there is anything I would change, though, it isn’t the writing. Nor is it the lessons I’ve learned or the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. The only thing I would change, I believe, is to make the time between finishing the writing and releasing the book longer. I should have found more outlets for announcing the release. Perhaps I should have given myself a little more time to broaden the launching platform. (Note to self: Do not release a book less than 6 weeks after it’s complete.)

Ready or not, The Unscheduled Stops goes live on Monday, November 28, 2011. I’ll be back then to post the release announcement, along with a surprise or two. Check in that day and see what mischief I’m up to.

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