So, Now What?

I’ve finished a full novel. It’s been edited to the best of my ability — four times. It’s been through two rounds of beta reading, (a total of 23 readers). I’ve checked and back-checked the details, the storyline, and the wording. Now it sits on the desk of the editor I’ve contracted to find the things I’ve missed, and to take me to task for all of the rules I intentionally ignored, but may not have pulled off.

So, now what? While I wait for the editor’s report, I can take some time to pat myself on the back, relax and celebrate. Okay, that took up about ten minutes. Now what do I do?

I’m all off kilter. For two years I’ve worked my heart out on this book. Every day there was something to write, research or prepare. Add all of the writing groups and blogs, the anthology I put together and published, and the promotions on that. I made several trailers for this book, a webpage, a Facebook fan page, a Google account, and signed up to Twitter. I joined Goodreads, and created an author page on Amazon. I’ve already given away numerous copies of the upcoming ARC, and contacted a plethora of reviewers…

For the past two months I’ve concentrated on editing and beta reports. I ducked out of all the writing groups, excused myself from my bi-weekly guest blog, and posted “Do Not Disturb, I’m disturbed enough already” signs on all my social networks. Now that the novel is out of my hands, I can’t seem to get up the energy to re-engage. Even though I’ve been dying to get to my huge “to be read” pile, I just can’t immerse myself in a book. I keep thinking I should be writing. I piddle around on the social networks, during the day, but my heart isn’t fully in it. I’m lost. I need a map.

No. What I need is a list, something to get me organized.

Here goes:

Fill out tax paperwork for an EIN/ITIN number, so I can get the full profits from sales. (I’m a Canadian resident, selling through Smashwords and Amazon, which means an automatic 30% holdback unless I have the appropriate paperwork on file.)
Touch base with all ARC recipients to arrange emailing/shipping of their copies.
Touch base with all reviewers to ensure they still have time to read and review the book.
Arrange and discuss the wraparound cover art for print editions, with the designer.
Search for blog hops, interview sites and other promotional opportunities.
Arrange some sort of release party or event for the launch date.
Contact local bookstores regarding the possibilities for stocking, signings or readings?
Arrange with Amazon, Smashwords and Createspace to have the book release simulataneously on all fronts?
Re-check the back cover blurb
Write the acknowledgements
Get started on stripping out and re-entry of formatting
Apply for copyright and ISBN numbers
Look into the Kindlegraph system

I know I’m forgetting something. Even with this list, I’m a bit lost. Which item do I start with? Have I set the release too close? Will I be able to get everything done before the launch?

There’s only one thing I can do, to sort it all out. I’ll stick my head into my little blog window here, and yell, “Heeeeeeeeeelp!”

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