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Until Darkness Comes – Interview and Excerpt

What do you hope readers take with them after reading one of your stories?

I hope that my characters become so real to them that they find themselves thinking about them for days after the book is finished. I want them to be as sad as I am that the book has ended and excited to read the next one. J

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

There are a few messages in my Redemption Series that I hope come through strong. First, true love often requires sacrifice. Second, we all make mistakes. Third, it’s never too late for second chances.

 How long have you been a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed writing and did quite a bit of it in college. After that, I needed and outlet for my creativity, so I picked up writing again. I’ve been doing it now full-time for the past three years.

How much time did it take from writing your first book to having it published?

It took me a year to find the right home for Until Darkness Comes. During that time, I probably rewrote it six times. When the offer came through to contract with 5PP, I also had another offer for the book. It was very flattering because so much of this industry is rejection. You really have to have perseverance and thick skin in this business.

What other careers have you had?

Well, I was a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon at Mayo Hospital, but, ultimately, I’ve found that writing is my true calling. J

 Do you write under more than one name?

I only write as Melynda Price.


An excerpt from her premier novel Until Darkness Comes –  Redemption Series

Olivia took a brave step closer to Liam and cupped the side of his cheek, forcing him to look at her. “Then who are you? Surely you can tell me that. And don’t you dare lie to me, because I know you’re not normal. I’ve never met anyone like you before. Normal guys don’t act like you. Normal guys don’t look like you, and if they do, they’re usually more like…”

“More like what?” His eyebrow arched curiously.

“More like Max, I guess.”

“Well, I can promise you that I am nothing like Max. More like the exact opposite, to tell you the truth.”

“Why do you hate him so much? At first, I thought it was because he was my boyfriend, and that you were just jealous or something. But it’s more than that, isn’t it?”

“There’s a darkness in him, Olivia. Can’t you feel it?”

“I’m not sure how I feel when I’m with Max anymore. I used to feel…carefree—wild and reckless, you know? But lately, I’m starting to just feel…afraid. Like I’m walking on a tightrope and I’m about ready to fall.”

“I’ll catch you,” he whispered, slowly trailing his fingers down the side of her neck.

Her pulse beat erratically beneath his touch; she opened her mouth to say something, but stopped. Instead, she moistened her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. His heated gaze fell to her lips and she felt Liam’s resolve snap. A wave of desire blasted into her and a soft groan of defeat rumbled in his chest as he lowered his head, capturing her lips in a tender embrace. His kiss tore through her like fire. What started out as tentative and sweet, quickly escalated to urgent and demanding as a rush of adrenaline flooded her veins. She melted into his arms, her lips fitting perfectly against his, like she was made just for him.

He tasted exactly like he smelled—faintly of cloves, delicious. She parted her lips, aching for more and instinctively he responded to her request as if she’d spoken it. Drawing the kiss deeper, his tongue brushed against hers. The more he kissed her, the hungrier she became, fueling an insatiable fire deep in her core.

Olivia wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She’d never felt more starved and yet completely satisfied as she did at that very moment. He tightened his arms around her waist and pulled her against him, as if he couldn’t get close enough. Her feet left the ground as he molded her to his lean, powerful body.

Time momentarily ceased. She had no idea how long they stood there in each other’s arms as the floor of the boat rocked beneath his feet. The captain’s voice crackled over the speaker, announcing the end of their tour. A reluctant groan escaped Liam’s lips as he broke their kiss and slowly released her. Olivia stumbled when her feet touched ground and his hand shot out to steady her…

You can find her book here: Melynda Price

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New Release: Matchmakers by Bernadette Marie




Cellist Sophia Burkhalter thought ten years in Europe performing with an exclusive ensemble would have made it clear that she wasn’t a candidate for her grandmother’s matchmaking. After all, she’d walked away from the man she loved, leaving him back home in Kansas City.

David Kendal had fallen in love with Sophia, a match orchestrated by her grandmother and his aunt. However, the unexpected appearance of the daughter he never knew he had—and Sophia’s sudden, subsequent departure for Europe—thrust him into the role of single father.

Carissa Kendal has only ever wanted the best for her father. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that the very woman who broke her father’s heart might be the one to make them a real family.

Can Carissa and the women who originally played matchmaker to the duo convince them that love is worth a second try? Or will careers and past mistakes tear them apart forever before they have a chance to reconcile?

Buy from 5


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Black March

For those of you who don’t know me, I spend a lot of time on Google Plus. I love the relationships, news and information I’ve encountered there. Being on there, I have been informed, enlightened and surprised. At times that surprise isn’t a good thing. It was through google plus that I first learned about the SOPA, PIPA and ACTA bills. All of them have a ‘stop piracy’ lean to them, but they do so at the cost of censoring the internet and invading privacy of the individual. Today, I got a great surprise.

Thanks to the efforts of a handful of incredible people. (Moan Lisa, Shauna Myers, Giuseppe Russo, Gianmario Scotti) I have learned about an effort to support, feature and encourage an open market by supporting the independent authors, artists and musicians around the world. The goal of Black March is to show the major individuals that influence how and where we purchase our entertainment, that we won’t tolerate their pushing the little guy out of the picture. I think this is a fantastic movement and I know I’m personally committing to the supporting Black March.

The best way to show your support for this movement is to purchase your entertainment this month from Independent Artists in all areas of entertainment. Take a moment and read a new author, support a new musician, and share your experiences with the world.


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This is the time of the year we all reflect on the year past and set goals for the year to come. We eagerly look forward to pursuing those goals with revived energy and determination. Some of us set many small goals, while others set major goals. We have multiple layers that we can look forward to and many that we missed or reached this year.


So I ask, what goals did you set last January? What ones did you reach? What do you want to achieve this year and how do you plan to go about it?

Last year I set a goal to get on the ball with my books, marketing and family. What did that mean for me? That meant the lessons I was getting from the encouraging interaction and support of others, had to be taken to heart and applied. It also meant that when I started to learn about book development with the With Love Project charity series, I’d have to take both physical and mental notes on how to properly market, promote and encourage others to find the anthologies. All vital lessons I’ve taken to heart and by July 26th of this year, Book 1 was complete. After months of revisions and editing it was released on Dec 4th, 2011. So, that was a goal reached successfully.

My family goal last year was to spend more time on a set schedule with the kids. I used to do this and found when I did, my days were more productive and my time with the kids was more enjoyable. This is a goal that was hit and miss for me. One I plan to revise this year to come and be more diligent at pursuing this set schedule. How? I’m going to set a calendar of events with a regular ‘your not working’ after a set time on the daily agenda. This is going to be followed by the goal, plan or meal for the evening.

My health goal at the beginning of the year was to address my weight, which is now causing health issues. At the start of the year, things weren’t what they are now. This has been an emotionally turbulent year for me, as such, this has resulted in additional unhealthy weight. I’m not daunted by this. Instead I’m setting simple daily goals and keeping in touch with an online support group so we can all help each other take steps toward our mutual goals while reaching for personal accountability on those goals. I may have fallen short on this goal, however I’ve learned a lot about reaching for the goal, or any, and how to plan for it.


The one thing I’ve learned through my journey is that any goal can be reached with proper planning and, when needed, remembering to ask for help. Keeping in mind that every goal is reached by many steps allows you to break down the planning in a way that allows you to achieve the bigger goal. For example, the above mentioned book took a lot of research into the market, and creation time. I had to set aside time daily to focus on writing the book.


My 2012 Goals:

Most are baby steps –

Up date my websites twice a week each (four sites)

Create a single post about one of the books I’m responsible for marketing every weekday.

Get out of my work chair for 30 minutes every day, weekday or weekend.

Set one day a week aside entirely for family time.

Stop working at a solid time everyday.

Book goals – 2 novels and 12 short stories by this time next year.


Let me ask again: What were you goals for 2011 and did you reach them? What are your goals for 2012 and how do you plan to reach them?



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Reader Interview Results: Tensing

As I’m finishing my first book and a number of supplemental stories, I’m hearing a lot about this. Some readers can’t get passed the first page because it is written in present tense, while others have been draw in to the point of distraction. Obviously this has had me reflecting on the books I’ve read as well. It’s left me with the question: What tense do most find appealing? To resolve this curiosity, I conducted informal interviews with many avid readers about the topic. I’ve included information from 3 of the lengthier conversations I had.

Continue reading

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Thank You note and Member Information

We want to thank everyone for the rapidly growing interest in the Independent Writers Association. Both readers and writers alike have contacted us on twitter, facebook and G+ and the support is amazing.

Among the responses we’ve received are requests from authors to join the IWA:
Thank you for your interest in the group. We appreciate your support, but due to our desire to create a cohesive and supportive network, we are not open to requests to join at this time. Everyone thus far has received a private invitation to be a member. Currently, some invitations have not received a response.

We will re-evaluate our position as the month comes to a close.
It is possible that in the future we will have a formalized member application process. Should we do this, we will make a multi-location announcement. If you are interested, watch our site news updates for further information.

We are open to guest posts from any who would like to contribute, as our schedule permits. Please contact either of the administrators, Sarah Barnard or Catrina Taylor, to find out what slots are available.

For our readers:
You have been amazing, conversational and supportive. Thank you beyond words. If you have suggestions for site enhancements, interactions, or topics you’d like to see covered please contact either @UKSarahBarnard or @TheLadyWrites (Catrina) via Twitter or through this site. We’d love to hear from you.

We are excited about the success and look forward to having fantastic conversations and information in the days and years ahead.

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Time for Reading

Reading is an incredible thing. It honestly walks you through the infinite possibilities in the human mind. Reading can educate, enlighten, inform and inspire anyone who picks up a book, tablet or looks over their computer screen. Taking time to read daily for ourselves can be a challenge but one worth aspiring to.

By taking time to read non-fiction, people have learned about the stars, the atom and the legal ramifications of calling someone a bull in the state of New Mexico in the United States of America.  It instructs, informs and motivates individuals toward greater knowledge and personal challenges. It equips the reader with tools they didn’t have before the first page and with knowledge to utilize those tools effectively.

By taking time to read fiction, people have felt what it is to fly, walk through walls, be trampled down and lifted back up. Fiction inspires people to dream and reach beyond what they believe they can. It instils a desire to aspire and shows us that no matter how bad life is, we will always find choices, and we will always overcome.

Yes, we have to read for work, and yes we have to read to our children, but we need to take time to read for ourselves. Sometimes, the reading may only be 10 minutes for a whole day. In that 10 minutes, a reader can escape the world around them and emerge themselves in personal betterment or just some personal time.  We all have ‘one of those days’ where having the 10 minute escape can make all the difference in how we address and overcome it.

Bottom line – take time for yourself and take time to read.

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