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Born and raised in Georgia, but happily residing in Virginia, I have had nothing less than an unexpected life. As a single mother of two amazing children and a full time job as a Customer Service Representative, it doesn’t leave me much time to do anything else. My ultimate dream has been to become a successful published author. I believe that combining total contentment with a dash of crazy (maybe a little more than a dash), a sprinkle of the unexpected and a large amount of love gives you have a life that is truly a blessing to live no matter the obstacles placed before you. Love, Hope and Happiness always !!! Here's to never giving up on your dreams !!!

Exciting News !!!!

Hey y’all!!!  I know I’m new here (and for good reason).  My first short story is about to be published.  It has been a life long dream of mine and it’s finally happening!!!  I am very honored to be included in this awesome book with 3 veteran authors, Catrina Taylor, Y.K. Greene, and RaeAnne Hadley.  These women are very well published authors and their works are amazing (in my opinion anyways).  I’ve posted the link.  It is on pre-order right now through Amazon.  So go check it out, leave a review and tell all your friends!!!!


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