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The Heir – from the Portal series

I’ve been slack on here, but sometimes life just takes over and the internet gets shoved to one side. I moved house, lost my internet connection for several weeks and was swamped in packing, moving and then unpacking. Oh, and finding schools, doctors, banks, shops, all those little essentials that need to be sorted out.

Somehow, in amongst all that, I managed to find the time and space to finish a new short story, which was just released.

The Heir.

The Heir - from the Portal seriesHeavily pregnant, her magic waning, and the life of her unborn child threatened by her consort, Lilith flees her home to seek the aid of her sister. Heather has been in hiding and only Lilith knows where she is or how to reach her.

Heather holds the healing magic that Lilith needs and Heather lives in the one place where Lilith’s unborn child might be safe. Continue reading

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Earthlink: Impact – New Sci Fi series.

New Release – on Kindle only initially, as part of an experiment, more on that in another post on another day…

Earthlink: Impact.

Sci fi, with a troubled teenager, aliens and spaceships.

Earthlink: ImpactAmazon UK: 5 Star Review: What if they are up there, monitoring us, and the planet? What if the planet has grown, developed, become conscious in some way? What if just one person could hear that consciousness in pain? What if that one person had just crashed a stolen car after a night of drink and drugs?

Sage is eighteen years old and, ever since she can remember, there’s been a voice in her head. She’ll tell you that she doesn’t hear voices, they don’t tell her to do anything. It’s just a single voice, and it doesn’t speak, it screams. She hears an unending scream as if the voice is someone in constant agonising pain.

She’s been told she’s hallucinating. She’s spent time in psychiatric care and on strong drugs that cut her off from her feelings, and she hates all of it.

But she’s not hallucinating, the voice is all too real and Sage has been watched for years in the hope that she’s not the only one who can hear. When Sage puts her life in danger, and it’s clear that she is unique, intervention is necessary.

Earthlink is the new sci fi series from Sarah Barnard, and book 2; Earthlink: Safe Havens, is in progress and planned for release soon.

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Come on, we need to find the Turkey!

Turkey TrotHow do you fancy a bit of a Hide and Seek hunt with all sorts of book prizes and mini competitions along the way?


First you need to go to Indie Authors United. Go on, click the link, it should open in another window so this will still be here for you. Done that?

Thank you.

Indie Authors United is well worth a browse through the rest of the site, so you might want to bookmark it for perusal later.

See the list of links? All 14 of them? They’re all facebook pages. It’s not ranked, it’s just a list. Some of our members are linked there and there are lots of other fabulous book related pages to explore too.

But each and every page linked on that list has chosen to shelter Ms Turkey Trot somewhere ….. That’s her there, in the picture. Can you find her before the hunters do? Or maybe you’re one of the hunters?

So pick one of the links, click it, follow it and see where you end up. When you find her, you need to Like the page you’re on and follow whatever instructions are with her. Once you’ve done that, go back to the list and try another link…. You could be wandering for a while so I hope you brought a flask of pumpkin soup and some sandwiches.

We hope you find new and interesting people and books along the way!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members, friends, fans and readers.

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NaNo 2011It’s November therefore it’s NaNo, or NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. Well, it is for me and for a few other members here and for thousands of writers around the world. So it really should be International now.

But what is it?

It’s a challenge. You’re asked to write 50,000 words in 30 days. If you succeed you get no prizes, just the glow of your own novel. Oh, there’s a certificate you can print and fill in yourself, and a coupon for a free copy of your book in print from Createspace – but you still have to pay shipping. There’s a shop, where you can buy yourself a prize if you want – there are mugs, pens, t-shirts, all sorts of stuff.

But that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about chaining up your inner editor who makes you agonise over the words you choose. Wrap duct tape round their face and refuse to listen to their griping about apostrophes and adverbs.

It’s about running round to get errands done in super fast time so you can skid into your chair and write a few hundred words before it’s time to fetch the kids from school. It’s about trying to stay ahead of your best friend and cross that 50,000 word line before she does. I haven’t actually achieved that part yet, and it’s my seventh year of taking part, alongside the same writing buddy.

It’s a way of increasing pace and just vomiting forth those 50,000 words, or more, into a document and cracking the back of that novel you just know is lurking inside you. By the first of December you could have the core of that novel, the bones of something wonderful.

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On Editing

The book in question is an urban fantasy paperback, traditionally published by Harper Collins, under their Eos imprint. It has close to 400 pages and I’ve read 125, getting more and more annoyed as I read further.

Is the story not that great then? Not at all. It’s an OK concept, decent characters, written in the 1st person – which I don’t usually enjoy, unless it’s Robin Hobb, she does 1st person very very well. But it’s OK. It’s not the best book I’ve ever read, but it should be a good story. It has fights, vampires, lycanthropes, other monsters, a decent plot and some interesting side plots and diversions and plenty going for it – and it’s part of a nice long series. I love a good long series, they can keep me reading for book after book and I’ll read every single book in a series if I can get my hands on them.

But there’s something wrong, and that has me annoyed.

Here’s why. Continue reading

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What's in the box?

While this is a writing exercise, I’d like to think that anyone can join in. So, if you want to have a go then please do. I hope there will be exercises such as this one posted up here from time to time, from various of our members, and I hope you’ll all play along and have some fun.


  • The poster sets word count limits and any other conditions.
  • Supportive and constructive comments only if you feel the need to comment on another’s contribution.
  • There are no prizes.
  • Your words are your own, the Independent Writers’ Association holds no right to anything you post on our site.
  • Have fun!

I’ll start you off and ask you a question, you carry on the piece in 250 words or less and post your response in the comments here. If you wish to share your response, or this exercise then please link back to this post from wherever you’re sharing.

Lit by candles, the table stood in the centre of the room. Its smooth surface the result of years of use and the pressure of many hands across its wooden planes. Three pale wax candles rested on a metal plate to one side, flames casting a flickering light on the box.

The box was a perfect cube, gleaming steel with no apparent opening. But contained inside…..

Your task: What’s in the box?

You have 250 words to explore the room, the table and discover what’s in the box.

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September 23rd will be Autumn Equinox, the day when light and dark are in perfect balance. This is also the day when events in the final book in the Portal series, Child of the Portal, begin. It’s the date of the first major character death and the beginning of the end.

Today is Launch day for the Paperback edition of Child of the Portal. Keep reading for a chance to win a copy.


Child of the PortalKate and Lily sat drinking tea in Lily’s kitchen. Winter was starting to set in properly and there was frost on the ground most mornings.

“You’ve had your hair cut,” Lily observed, feeling the need to break the silence that surrounded them in the kitchen.

“Yes. I had it done the other day,” Kate confirmed, her hair still long but trimmed shorter than it had been, falling now only to rest on her shoulders instead of flowing down her back.

“It looks good.” The compliment fell easily from Lily’s lips. She smiled and it radiated the simple sincerity behind her few words. Continue reading

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Hello, and a very warm welcome to you.

This is the New site for a small, select, group of Independent Writers. We are the Independent Writers’ Association, and we will never be more than 30 in number.

Our goal is to present a vibrant space where different voices are found regularly, books are showcased and where new and talented writers might tempt you with their fabulous stories.

We aim to bring you new releases, story samples, writing fun that you can join in with as well as our members. We want to bring you laughter, show you the monsters under your bed, to make you think, keep you turning the page until the very end.

But, a word of warning, browsing here may result in you becoming lost in worlds of fiction! Some of the books that will be listed here are seriously good, some are even better than that. Some of the authors here have many books available, but we only have space for 2 titles per author so please do go and find the member websites page to find even more books, and to meet the authors on their home ground.

Catrina and I will be adding links, members and other features over the coming weeks, so please feel free to browse around while we get ourselves organised and let us know if you find anything that doesn’t work. We would also love to hear from you if you have any ideas for things you’d like to see here.
Sarah Barnard

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