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Sitting Down With Nebula Nights’ C.E. Kilgore

NN_sidebarToday we’re joined by the lovely C.E. Kilgore, author of Noelle In His Heart, and contributing author of the Nebula Nights box set.

So, we posed the question, “Why did you choose to participate in the box set?”

Here’s what Ms. Kilgore had to say:

Why I Chose to Participate in the Box Set:

Participating in the box set, Nebula Nights, was a no-brainer for me. It gave me the wonderful opportunity to include my novella alongside some fantastic science fiction romance authors, as well as learn more about publication, marketing and working with a team to produce a book. It’s been a great experience so far, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

More About C.E. Kilgore:

C.E. Kilgore is an author without genre, who likes to dabble in several genres from romance to science fiction. She also enjoys pushing the boundaries of those genres, trying new things, venturing outside formulas and turning tropes on their heads. Admittedly a control freak, she is currently a self-published author under the name Tracing The Stars, and hasn’t quite found the publisher who fits all her quirks. Be sure to check out her website, for free books!

About Nebula Nights

11 Sci-Fi Romances that’ll sweep you away!

If you like your science fiction blazing with adventure and your space opera spiced with romance, this boxed set is for you. From first contact to battles for survival and love on war-torn planets, this collection from bestselling & award winning authors, including Cathryn Cade, Veronica Scott, PK Hrezo and more, will leave you sighing with satisfaction.

Her Cyborg Awakes by Melisse Aires
Her gentle cyborg servant helped her escape violence–but now he’s changed into a warrior! Is he safe?

Removed (The Nogiku Series, #1) by SJ Pajonas
In this Japan-inspired tale, one woman’s family destiny is key to the survival of the last city on Earth.

Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. by PK Hrezo
Welcome to Butterman Travel, Inc., where time is always in your hands.

Noelle In His Heart by C.E. Kilgore
Noelle wishes for someone who understands she has love to give but commitments to honor. Stranded on Earth, Steve longs for someone who will understand that his alien heart can love just as deeply.

Stark Pleasure; the Space Magnate’s Mistress by Cathryn Cade
Kiri te Nawa survives the perils of the galaxy on her wits … although when it comes to space magnate Logan Stark, she’d rather use her body.
But can she trust him with her secrets?

Birth of an Empire: The Beginning by Catrina Taylor
Three former genetic experiments chose peace over war in a sector that’s known only war for a century. As each one squares against their governments they will question the experiences that guide them.

Escape From Zulaire by Veronica Scott
When the planet erupts into war, Sectors Special Forces Captain Tom Deverane must decide whether to save Andi Markriss, the intergalactic businesswoman he loves, or sacrifice her to save Zulaire.

Solia’s Moon by Lyn Brittan
SFR Galaxy Award Winner! When Dr. Solia uncovers her company’s foray into creating humanoid life, she enlists the help of her handsome ex, Sheriff Sable, in bringing a little justice to the universe.

The Key by Pauline Baird Jones
Her orders are simple: do the impossible and do it yesterday. But this time the impossible might actually be impossible. The only way it could get worse? If her heart starts beating for the wrong guy.

The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy by Greta van der Rol
The Galaxy teeters on the brink of war. Can ex-admiral Saahren persuade the woman who hates him to help him prevent the coming conflagration? And perhaps even love him?

Mirror Image by KG Stutts
Maddie’s entire world is turned upside down when she finds out that she is a clone. Now she must work with her counterpart to protect Earth.


Purchase Nebula Nights:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance eBooks | Kobo

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My Writing Process

Stephen Jennison Smith invited me to do this linked blog tour; please, read his blog entitled “My Writing Process” It can be found @

What am I working on?

I’m always working on nonfiction, inspirational, and miracle filled anecdotes.

Currently, I am writing on a nonfiction tale that I think may split into multiple manuscripts before it finishes. Initially, the story began as the final saga of the following linked narratives:

    Mom’s on the Roof and I Can’t Get Her Down


    My ArmOr (my life).

While compiling the final chapters, including the final deathbed prophecy of mom that is unfolding, I realized I might be compiling a book on spiritual anecdotes as well. Thus, I am considering cutting the written parts in half because my rhetoric is currently at over four hundred pages and has lost its original focus. My original intention was meant to be the witness and testimony about the remaining three forecasts from God and how they came to be. If I split my current story, one book will be called HIS Story, too; and the other will be Three’s a Charm. The latter story would cover what happened to mom’s predictions that she claimed came from her near death experience or trips to Heaven before she actually died.

How does my writing differ from other books in this genre (nonfiction- inspirational and miracle filled anecdotes)?

My books are different because I write when The Holy Spirit moves me and that ghostwriter helps me find the words God wants people to hear. Starting when mom died, she left behind some predictions that she says God directly handed her. I felt compelled to chronicle those things that other witnesses thought were mom’s random babbling. Most of what she foretold came true but three of her forecasts were unfulfilled as of the copyright date of my book entitled Mom’s on the Roof and I Can’t Get Her Down . Current events are proving that she actually spoke with a Higher Source; His spirit moved mine into believing and recording those messages for posterity. Today, I write about how some of the three unfinished forecasts have already happened; plus, I have met people with similar miraculous stories that need to be captured for future generations. Mom’s remaining predictions will complete my current manuscript- once they all occur.

There are things the reader needs to know to understand my latest work in progress. Ideally, they should read my nonfiction stories in the following order.

Mom’s on the Roof and I Can’t Get Her Down has the backdrop of terminal cancer as well as Christianity. It is a book about life after death. By the way, the unfinished prophecy mom brought from Heaven is coming to light proving God’s hand in this story.

My ArmOr describes the unbelievable trauma I endured when I almost lost my left arm. In the book, I describe the wonders of life as well as how I used my past to propel me through my limb’s rehabilitation. My ‘can do’ attitude prevailed after the doctor and physical or occupational therapists gave up on that arm. The book contains some answers to the unfinished prophecy, too.

Why do I write what I do?

I write to tell people good news. Many of my nonfiction tales are about hard and traumatic situations that turn out to be a part of grand miracles and healing from Heaven. Some people say they spoke with Him but there is no proof. Meanwhile, my mother’s babbling is proving to be from the right source or The Highest Being of Wisdom and Knowledge AKA God. I simply scribe for God.

How does my writing process work?

An event happens, The Holy Spirit moves me including helping me find the bigger picture and meaning in life with all its traumas. Then, I compile HIS Story AKA my next book. Sometimes, it seems to take forever.

You can learn more about my nonfiction and other writing @

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Blood Curse Series Expands



“May the rivers run crimson with their blood.” ~ Kagen Silivasi.

 Kagen Silivasi is a powerful, ancient vampire with a unique gift for healing – he is also a son, a brother, and a loner who has survived unspeakable tragedy and loss: Beneath his handsome, well-mannered exterior lies an alter ego consumed by rage and an overwhelming impulse to “kill them all…”

Arielle Nightsong is a brave human, a rebel spirit, and an accomplished healer in her own right. Born into a harsh world of violence, cruelty, and danger, she was enslaved at the age of ten and given as a gift to the most depraved being in Mhier – the infamous king of the lycans. If not for her enduring friendship with a captive vampire, she might not have survived to escape the slave encampment…or to discover her mysterious role in an ancient Blood Curse.

When Kagen and his brothers voyage into Mhier in search of their long lost father, it will take more than stealth and cunning to get out alive: Secrets will be revealed; loyalties will be tested; and an indomitable spirit will fracture beneath the weight of an impossible choice.

blood father

BLOOD FATHER ~ where destiny and duty collide.


Buy From:

Barnes and Noble 


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BLOG TOUR – Somethin Dirty 18+

Title – Somethin’ Dirty
Series – Country Fever
Author – Em Petrova
Genre – Contemporary erotic western romance
Publication Date – 2/11/14
Length (Pages/# Words) – 217 pages
Publisher – Samhain Publishing

Book Blurb/Synopsis –
She’s headed for the big time…unless her heart gets stopped at the pass.
Country Fever, Book 4
Forty-two-year-old single father Griffin Turner couldn’t have made it through colic and calving season without his mother’s babysitting services. But just when he thinks he’s got the hardest part of the infant learning curve licked, he gets devastating news. Mom is sick. And Griffin is forced to hire a nanny.
With nothing but twenty dollars in her pocket and her voice, Nola Brady wants to leave small-town Wyoming to pursue her dreams in Nashville. She answers Griffin’s ad to keep body and soul together until her big chance arrives. Love isn’t even on her radar…until she unexpectedly falls for the rough-and-playful cowboy.
Between the sheets, they’re poetry. Outside the bedroom, he inspires her to be more woman than she ever dreamed possible, which scares her enough to put on the brakes…and hit the road.
But if she thought he’d just let her leave quietly, she was wrong. Because hell hath no fury like a cowboy in love…especially one with a baby on his hip. And a ring with her name on it.
Warning: This cowboy daddy is determined to make a May/September romance work—even if he has to lay down his palm or his mouth on a round ass cheek to do it.

Amazon Kindle Link –

Barnes & Nobles Nook Link –

Em Petrova lives in backwoods Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle puppy named Daisy Hasselhoff and pays too damn much for utilities. She loves to write gritty characters with lots of heart and is well-known for scorching, panty-soaking erotic romance.

Amazon Author Page –

Website/Blog –

Facebook –
Twitter – @empetrova
Networked Blogs –

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The Hero’s Companion (Tallent & Lowery Book Three) Review

hero's companion cover

Title: The Hero’s Companion (Tallent & Lowery Book Three)
Author: Amy Lignor
Series: Tallent & Lowery
Published: October 22, 2013 by Suspense Publishing
Formats Available: Digital and Print
Rating: ★★★★★

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy from Page Turner Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own and I was neither compensated nor required to write a positive review.

Blurb: With their second battle behind them, Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery find themselves still knee-deep in hell. What should’ve ended with a celebration of passion wrapped in each other’s arms becomes a nightmare once more, as a mysterious man demands Leah to return home, or else her beloved father will be found at the bottom of the sea.

Scrambling to figure out what’s happened Tallent & Lowery walk in on a family that has literally gone insane: A mother filled with accusations, three sisters who wish them nothing but certain death, and a frightening story of a blood-red eye that leads to a puzzle with immense repercussions. The woman named Anippe who readers questioned in The Sapphire Storm is back, with an item in her possession that will have Tallent & Lowery heading out on an adventure based on pure emotion and ultimate fear – where victory may just depend on their willingness to sacrifice each other.


The tour guide continued, “Medusa was supposedly just as lovely as Athena. Therefore, Athena made Medusa what she became – a hideous creature who could turn men to stone with just one look. Athena was the one who banished Medusa to the Land of the Grey Women. In that place lived three very shriveled and withered old crones. Some believe they were all Athena’s sisters and the Goddess had just gotten them out of the way. After all, she was firstborn – the powerful daughter of Zeus – and she was allowed to do most anything she wanted.”

“Can’t blame her. I’ve thought about putting my sisters on an island,” Leah mumbled, thinking about the gorgeous triplets back home.

“I’m glad I’m not a member of your clan,” Khait chuckled. “Anyway…a young man named Perseus went to kill Medusa but he had no idea how it could be done. He was aware of the fact that long before his sword could penetrate the scales on her flesh, she would be able to turn him to stone. That’s when Athena appeared and handed him her polished bronze shield. Perseus held it out in front of him and walked toward Medusa. You see, just the reflection off the shield could not turn him; only a direct hit from Medusa’s eyes would bring him down. With the help of Athena, Perseus killed the mighty Gorgon and cut off her head. Athena then placed the head within her shield, forever carrying it with her.

“But she helped more warriors than just Perseus along the way. There are many stories about Athena, and every hero she assisted spoke of her greatness, her wisdom, and her extreme cunning at being able to take down unstoppable foes.”

“I wish she was here,” Leah sighed. “There seems to be quite a number of those nowadays.”

Khait’s face grew serious; her tone turned sad. “I agree. The world needs the Hero’s Companion to live again. Unfortunately,” she continued, with a small laugh, “I think you have to find a real hero first. Most of them have gone the way of the Dodo bird.”

Leah remained silent, knowing that Gareth Lowery – a true hero – was right now standing on the steps of the Parthenon doing everything in his power to solve this new puzzle and find her beloved father before it was too late.

…The darkness inside the ancient structure was thick. Leah could barely make out the feminine figures etched in the marble walls. Heads were missing and the carved robes had been cut off at the knees. Yet Leah could see that the pattern remained the same; the familiar images of spear and shield were carved into the hands of each one of the young maidens.

Kneeling, she carefully inspected the floor and found…nothing. Getting more and more agitated, Leah began pressing her hands against the walls, silently hoping that a secret door would swing open to allow them access into another hidden level of the temple. Frustration and exhaustion overwhelmed her when absolutely nothing – no solution presented itself…the chamber was empty.

“Jesus!” Gareth’s sudden shout made her blood run cold. She forced her body through the columns to get back to his side. “What’s wrong?”

“You are not going to believe this!”

Following the bright beam of Gareth’s flashlight, Leah’s heart leapt into her throat. The high-pitched screech that suddenly erupted from the object made her body tremble. It was as if an evil trumpet had sounded, demanding the dead to rise from their graves and kill the intruders.

Her mouth turned as dry as the sun-bleached sands of the Acropolis, as Leah focused on the form that was caught in the flashlight’s glare. It barely moved. Only the dark eyes, growing wider as it tried to focus in the unfamiliar light, gave it away.

Leah sucked in her breath, “You have got to be kidding!”

My Review:

After the painful cliffhanger at the end of The Sapphire Storm, Lignor mercifully picks up right where we left off in The Hero’s Companion. Now, Tallent & Lowery are on a race against the clock. With only seven days to save her father from certain death, Leah must follow the trail from Athens and retrace the steps left on the map David Tallent hid away. But she won’t be going alone. With Gareth and Anippe at her side, the trio must work together to figure out the ancient mystery and uncover a plot that could spell the end for the world as they all know it. And it all starts with an olive…

Going into this book, I was more than excited to dive right into Tallent & Lowery’s next adventure. As a fan of Greek mythology (with Athena being one of my favorite Greek goddesses), getting to visit Athens with our heroes was thrilling to say in the least. I knew immediately I was in for one hell of a ride. And boy, did it deliver!

This book was a puzzle, and I had great fun putting the pieces together and figuring things out along the way. The air of mystery, exotic locations, and rich history that I got to see through our heroes’ eyes was all very fascinating. All in all, I really loved reading this book. But what I loved more was watching Leah grow.

To me, this book felt very much like Leah’s journey. The challenges she faces this time around and the internal struggle of believe-or-not-to-believe she wrestles with felt very real and it really resonated with me. The truth becomes both a blessing and a burden for Leah. The proof she’s tried so hard to deny thus far can no longer be ignored. She must now come to terms with her altered perception of the world as well as the role she plays in it.

Lignor has crafted another masterful tale packed with action, mystery, deception, and thrills, making The Hero’s Companion a more than worthy addition to the Tallent & Lowery series. Bring on the next adventure! I’m ready!

Purchase The Hero’s Companion from these fine retailers: Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Paperback) | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

About the Author:

13319888The daughter of a career librarian, Amy Lignor’s first love has always been books. She began her career in publishing as the Editor-in-Chief of Grey House Publishing. Working in the industry for twenty years, she is now the Owner/Operator of ‘The Write Companion’, an editorial house offering authors a range of services.

Appointed the Editor-in-Chief of a brand new traditional publisher–Hallowed Ink Press–Amy somehow finds the time to do it all while still putting out the most amazing series that has received every ‘Top Pick’ readers can think of!

Her popular YA Series: The Angel Chronicles (Until Next Time, Gilded Wings & A Privilege), introduced her to fans who now wait with bated breath for the next ‘Tallent & Lowery’ suspense/thriller to arrive.

Inducted into the International Thriller Writers Organization, Amy is also a writer/contributor for various magazines, companies, and review organizations; Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, Suspense Magazine and more.

Connect with Amy: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

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The Sapphire Storm (Tallent & Lowery Book Two) Review


Title: The Sapphire Storm (Tallent & Lowery Book Two)
Author: Amy Lignor
Series: Tallent & Lowery
Publisher: Suspense Publishing
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Formats Available: Digital and Print
Rating: ★★★★★

Disclaimer:  I was given a complimentary copy from Page Turner Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own and I was neither compensated nor required to write a positive review.

Blurb: After going up against a man who believed he was the Devil, himself, the beloved characters from 13 – Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery – are beyond exhausted. Now they are about to embark on the most terrifying journey imaginable…a trip to meet Leah’s parents.

When Leah arrives where the ‘home fires burn,’ her sarcasm burns even brighter, while Gareth Lowery – the handsome adventurer – uses his charm to sway the ‘odd’ Tallent clan. But when a frightening call from Gareth’s sister arrives telling him that her love has disappeared, the daring duo is soon running away from one horrific situation directly into another. A new puzzle from the past has come to life. Following clues left behind, the courageous couple becomes embedded in a world filled with liars, killers and greed.

And when the riddle of a famous ‘Bard’ is solved, a strange woman appears who has far more in common with Leah than she can possibly imagine! The heart-stopping suspense of this new quest takes them from Coptic Cairo to the magical world of Petra, in search of a cave deep underground that once housed a true ‘Illuminator.’

Yet again, they must find the answers and stay one step ahead of true villains who are determined to make sure that – this time – Tallent & Lowery do not survive.


Nothing mattered now except getting to the end of his journey…

A thunderous crash from up above sent Emmanuel’s heart into overdrive. The harsh winds had apparently slammed shut the door of rock that’d been built to protect the Treasury.

As he reached through the barrier of sapphire light to grab the object in front of him, Emmanuel screamed in pain as his flesh began to sizzle. Immediately, he ripped his hand from the ball of pulsating light and watched the steam rise off his now blackened fingers. A pair of cold blue eyes appeared and sent an evil hiss into the room.

Emmanuel found himself in a state of shock as the illusion simply disappeared. Holding his breath as pinpricks of yellow light appeared through the sapphire glow, he was mesmerized; they looked like tiny suns trapped in an intense blue sky. The excruciating pain of his burned flesh was forgotten when words appeared before his eyes. On and off like a light switch, the golden names materialized and danced along the shaft of the ancient weapon.

“I need Gareth Lowery,” Emmanuel whispered; his voice sounded foreign to him in the suddenly terrifying room.

Harsh winds raced down the staircase and pelted Emmanuel with shards of ice. He covered his face, trying to stop the sleet from blinding him, as the large weapon suddenly sliced through the air and knocked Emmanuel to his knees.

The golden names flashed brighter and brighter—faster and faster—familiar names from an ancient world. A shrill bell pealed through the room and Emmanuel covered his ears, as the chamber began to shake and mounds of snow cascaded down the narrow staircase like a white waterfall; an avalanche that successfully cut off any chance he had of escape . . . or rescue.

The rod hit the ceiling of the chamber and then plummeted to the floor. Emmanuel winced, praying it wouldn’t snap in two as it crashed to the ground. But the object simply stopped its descent, taking its original place between the two famous men. The sapphire light immediately dimmed and Emmanuel raised his gaze to stare through the now soft, blue beam, recognizing the one and only name that was now etched in golden script at the top of the shaft.

Emmanuel gasped. “It’s her?”

Crawling over to the staircase that was now buried by snow, he peered into the small pipe that stuck out from the wall. Emmanuel felt the pulse of the sapphire light coming from the center of the room; it felt as if the object was breathing. And once again he stared at her name, woven like a golden signature into the sapphire rod.

Closing his eyes, Emmanuel shoved his burned, raw hand into the snow bank that now barred his way to freedom. As his fingers went numb, he thought about the woman with eyes the exact same color of the magical artifact, and hope beat inside Emmanuel’s chest. She was brilliant. After all, she was the one who found Gareth the missing pieces of the puzzle that’d led him straight to the gate. It had been her strength, courage and wisdom that’d carried them through the darkness of a maniac’s mind in order to survive the first time . . . Her!

As a picture of the lovely lady appeared in his mind, Emmanuel smiled. She’d figure it out. After all, there was no better choice than a brilliant librarian who never took the facts at face value to follow in the footsteps of Shakespeare.

Emmanuel put his mouth against the pipe and screamed, “Leah!”

The shout echoed through the ancient pipes, and Emmanuel closed his eyes. His insides grew numb as the air inside the chamber began to freeze his soul.

“Leah,” his voice cracked. “Please help me.”

As the snowflakes around him turned blue, the chamber one again turned peaceful . . . reverent . . . quiet—what it must feel like right before someone dies. And as sleep overtook him, Emmanuel begged any and all ‘powers that be’ to help lead Leah Tallent safely through the sapphire storm.

Purchase Links: Amazon (Kindle Version) | Amazon (Paperback) | Barnes & Noble (Nook Version) | Barnes & Noble (Paperback)

About the Author:

13319888The daughter of a career librarian, Amy Lignor’s first love has always been books. She began her career in publishing as the Editor-in-Chief of Grey House Publishing. Working in the industry for twenty years, she is now the Owner/Operator of ‘The Write Companion’, an editorial house offering authors a range of services.

Appointed the Editor-in-Chief of a brand new traditional publisher–Hallowed Ink Press–Amy somehow finds the time to do it all while still putting out the most amazing series that has received every ‘Top Pick’ readers can think of!

Her popular YA Series: The Angel Chronicles (Until Next Time, Gilded Wings & A Privilege), introduced her to fans who now wait with bated breath for the next ‘Tallent & Lowery’ suspense/thriller to arrive.

Inducted into the International Thriller Writers Organization, Amy is also a writer/contributor for various magazines, companies, and review organizations; Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, Suspense Magazine and more.

Amy’s Social Media Links: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

My Review:

In all honesty, when I signed up to do this review, I had no idea what I was in for, let alone what to expect. I hadn’t read the blurb or this book’s predecessor. I figured, “I’ve got free time. What the hell! Let’s review a book!” And let me just say that once I started, I was completely blown away.

Lignor creates a rich universe that’s part Indiana Jones, part The Da Vinci Code and weaves it together in a tale of mystery, lost relics, secret societies, conspiracy theories, and the history of iconic figures such as Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon, dating all the way back to the foundations of Christianity itself.

Having jumped in on Book 2 of this series, I had worried I would be lost and confused. But I quickly discovered that was not the case. Lignor masterfully avoids this pitfall and she uses just enough description to tell the reader what happened without launching into a complete recap of events in the previous book. I never felt lost or confused while reading, but I certainly desired to know the full story of Leah and Gareth’s previous adventure.

Along with a strong narrative, Lignor treats her work’s characters with great care. I bonded almost immediately with the four main characters–Leah, Gareth, Kathryn, and Emmanuel. Each of these four had unique and very likable personalities and they were all easy to relate to. Even the minor characters shine and clearly have their own back stories that are just as colorful as they are, from sweet little Mary to cryptic Anippe.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this installment in the Tallent & Lowery series and I will most definitely be going back to pick up a copy of 13 so that I can start this series off from the beginning. I know that I’ll be following the rest of this seven-book series, as I look forward to reading about whatever chaotic situation Leah and Gareth find themselves in next.


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A history of the book Paulyanna International Rent Boy by Paul Lovell

paulyanna banner

I always knew one day I would write about my colourful past. Six months after my dad died, I decided I could begin. He was the one that I reveredand his opinion mattered to me.

He never had much, and spent a lifetime living below the poverty line. I hoped that one day I’d buy him a huge mansion. When he became terminally ill, his state benefits increased. He spent what he needed and quietly arranged his funeral. What funds he had over, he allocated in mini portions for his children and grandchildren.

I decided to use mine to pay for a professional editor – nothing flash, an independent.

My sister assures me he would have been proud and perhaps he may have been. Perhaps he is.

He was an orphan to a prostitute. Our family history regarded without shame: it was what it was. We had no mom, so Dad raised five kids, and I was his baby. Still, I only ever told him of my legitimate successes. I was living in London and doing all right for myself.

I began compiling my memories in January 2012. I created a bullet-point list of every significant event I could recall. Things that steered my life in a certain direction. I placed them in chronological order. I added my developments and life lessons. Some embarrassing and some comical situations. My tragedies and heartaches too. It was not easy to discern what to include and what to omit. So at this stage I tried to include everything.

Some of the shorter happenings which I felt significant enough to include seemed weak. So I learned to group them. Poetic licence, I think it’s called. For instance, in reality tennis in the morning and theatre in the evening could have taken place on different days.

Once loosely ordered I began to elaborate. To fatten up whilst explaining the relevance, how they fitted into the story. Showing the me I was at that particular point in time.

I wrote out my first draft through the summer, neglecting my garden projects. By October it was complete. I thought it was brilliant so naturally showed it off. I sent it to a couple of friends for feedback. Responses were encouraging but not “wow”.

I decided from day one I wouldn’t pressure myself with deadlines. I didn’t want it to become a chore. I had a simple goal to hold a book I’d written.

I put off draft two until the Christmas decorations were taken down.

I read some blogs. I discovered I should have begun building an online presence two years prior to completion to give my work any chance at a successful launch.

So began my “look at me campaign”.

I perceived a negative attitude aimed towards inferior-quality, self-published books. Badly-written rush jobs.

Wary from experience, I became worried that my rent-boy life could be judged unfairly. So I based my publicity campaign around dispelling preconceptions.

One of my attention grabbing placards read:

I do solemnly declare that… My book, whether it be electronic or paper, SHALL be edited by a real editor that WHO graduated from A university.

The corrections were genuine mistakes.

I worked on my second draft January to April. It was so much better than the initial copy, I was embarrassed that I’d sent it out.

I stumbled across my editor on Twitter. She did a free sample chapter. She was so pedantic I knew she was the one for me. Plus the quote was easily affordable.

In May I attempted to do a read through BUT couldn’t proceed without making changes, no matter how small. My editor suggested it was probably time to give to her.

She did her first-round editand I accepted every one of her proposals. I had vowed that I wasn’t going to be precious over my words.

In the second-round edit, I accepted a couple of minor cuts which were harder to swallowbut made perfect sense. I had complete trust in my editor: I could tell she knew what she was doingand she handled me delicately. 

After two more editor sweeps I had my completed manuscript… then real work began…


You can learn more about our guest Paul Lovell on his facebook page


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Spotlight on Bad Juju

Today Dina Rae brings us her book – Bad Juju – A dark tale that will bring you in and captivate you.


bad juju banner

Two teens turn to a Voodoo bokor to right a wrong. Their curiosity with the dark arts backfires into obsession.

Lucien Nazaire flees his Haitian homeland and settles in a Wisconsin trailer park filled with elderly tenants. He hires sixteen year old Jake for odd household jobs. The boy proves to be the perfect candidate to pass on his Voodoo legacy.

Jake LaRue lives in foster care with his abusive uncle. The Voodoo gives him a sense of power within an otherwise helpless situation. Despite his loner status, he instantly connects with Henry, his only friend in high school.

Henry Novak has Asperger’s Syndrome. He fixates on historical events, most recently the 2010 Haitian earthquake. Like Jake, he becomes passionate about the dark side of Voodoo. They learn how to cast spells on those they hate and lust.

Months after the Haitian earthquake, Henry convinces his family to volunteer for the island’s reconstruction. Their mission turns into a nightmare when he mysteriously walks off of the campsite and returns in a catatonic state.

Bad Juju is a balance of horror, romance, and literary fiction intended for adults and mature teens. The plot uses research involving the Voodoo religion.


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Featured Spotlight: Killer on the Road

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Joseph O’Reily is still adjusting to the lifestyle and the dangers that come with being a new vampire. He and Cassandra recently fought to the death with Cassandra’s estranged husband John Snow, and now Joseph has experienced his first ménage a trios, as only a vampire can. As if all of this was not complicated enough, he and Cassandra have been tasked with hunting down and killing a rogue vampire, Donald Rathmore.

Another of John Snow’s creations, Donald is an evil misogynistic killer in his own right. Donald has no interest in avenging his creator’s death, but killing Cassandra is at the top of his list.

While Donald continues his murderous spree, Joseph and Cassandra always seem to be one step behind him. The chase is further complicated as they encounter other vampires and learn more about the mysterious nature of the Vampire Council and the coming war between good and evil.

Joseph is only now beginning to trust Cassandra, and this trust will be shaken when he discovers she has even more secrets than he imagined. Her idea of justice and morality is at complete odds with his own. Despite all his powers and growing skill, Joseph is tested physically as a vampire and emotionally by Cassandra. This time the answers and challenges may be too much for the young vampire to handle.

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Spotlight on A Rangers Tale

Title:A Ranger’s Tale

Series: Tallenmere
Author:Mysti Parker

Genre:Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

Publisher:Melange Books

Formats Available In:All eBook formats and Print

Release Date: January, 2011

Blurb:In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, an elven noblewoman longed to leave her gilded cage. A half-breed former pirate wanted nothing more than to escape his guilty past. Easier said than done…

High elf CaliphanyAranea leads an enviable life as King Leopold’s niece and daughter of Sirius, Leogard’s most famous wizard. Yet, being forced to follow in her father’s footsteps and being betrothed to a man she doesn’t even like makes her want a taste of life outside the city walls.

As a young boy, half-elf GaladinTrudeaux witnessed his parents’ death at the hands of pirates. After being raised by those same murderers and forced to do their bidding, he escaped and now lives an honest life as a sea merchant and ranger.

When two brutes at LeogardHarbor attempt to kidnap Caliphany while she dreams of faraway lands, Galadin comes to her rescue. Impressed by his skills, she asks him to train her as a ranger. Though he is hesitant at first to train a woman of her class, Caliphany’s hefty sack of gold finally persuades him. Unfortunately, her father is not amused, and the two must escape before Caliphany faces a forced marriage and Galadin faces a noose.

From that moment on she and Galadin embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Only if they can survive the trials ahead, will they find a love that stands the test of time.


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Caliphany lowered her hood and smoothed out her robes. She smiled. I admit I’d held a vague hope we would cross each other’s paths again, but I’d also told myself awoman of her class and a man of mine had no business being seen with one another.
Even though I didn’t know who she was exactly, the clothes she wore told me shedidn’t mingle regularly with us working classes.

She tucked some hair behind her ear and blushed. “Captain Trudeaux.”

I bowed. “My lady.”

“Please don’t bow.” She avoided my gaze and clenched her robe. “You weren’t at thedocks this morning. I thought you had gone.”

Razor had started tearing into the rabbit, so I held up my finger. “One moment,please.” I knelt to retrieve him and the carcass before it was gone.

Razor eyed Caliphany when I returned to her side. “I sent my men on to Faewood. They’ll be back by the week’s end. We had some Tilliyan coffee beans to deliver.”

Her shoulders slumped. “I’ve read a lot about Tilliya Island.” Her eyes focused somewhere in the distance, and then rested on me again. “So, you’re a falconer?”

“I’m a ranger. Razor accompanies me from time to time. We sell what we hunt and gather. Sometimes I help thin out wildlife. It’s just my job.”

The words rolled off her tongue. “A ranger.”

I nodded, a bit annoyed she found my profession so curious. I killed things for a living. It was a hard, dirty job, one I was sure she could never understand. Icleared my throat. “I’m glad to see you’re in one piece, though still unescorted.Would you like me to walk you back to Leogard?”

She held up a satchel. “I’m gathering plant specimens.”

“As you wish. Well, good day then. I’ve got work to do.” I began to walk away.

“Wait,” she said.

I turned, and Caliphany approached me, opened her mouth, shut it again, and finallyspoke. “I wanted to thank you for rescuing me.”

If she was any other woman, from the lower end of society, I might have thought she was flirting. “You already did, I believe, and it’s not necessary. Good day.” I tried to walk away again.


Razor screeched and puffed his feathers when I turned back around. “Easy, now. Look,Caliphany, it’s really not necessary—”

“I want you to train me.”

I stepped closer. She blushed. I wrinkled my brow and asked, “Pardon?”

The words tumbled from her mouth. “You know how to handle yourself, handle weapons. I want to learn that as well. Will you train me?”

I puffed out my cheeks and exhaled.

Should have known she wasn’t interested in me, just in what I could do for her. “I’m not sure what you think I am, my lady, but I’m no trainer. I’ve got work to do.Forgive me, but I can’t waste precious hours teaching you to handle a bow.”

She reached into her cloak and pulled out a sack. From the jingle inside, Iestimated a month’s wages in gold. She got my attention.

“I’ll pay you. If this isn’t enough, I’ll pay more.”

That definitely got my attention. “My men will have to take up the slack. I’ve gotorders to fill. But, why would you want to do…” I pulled out a bloody, limp rabbit carcass. “…this?”

“My reasons are personal. So, are you willing to train me or not?”

I scratched my chin. “When can you start?”

A smile flashed across her lips. “My father leaves for Mirrochet citadel in two days. He’ll be gone for a month. I can train with you every day for a few hoursduring that time. After that…” She frowned and turned her head, then met my eyesagain. “After that, I don’t know. I can meet you at the ranger outpost just east ofhere. My family should not know about this.”

Desperation settled in her eyes, and I had a strong urge to take her in my arms and kiss her until we both had to come up for air. But she stood waiting for my reply.

“L-Look, I don’t know if I should be skirting trouble. Being caught out here in the woods with you wouldn’t look good for either of us.”

She stepped a little closer, reached out as though she would touch me, but withdrew her hand. “Believe me; they would know it was my idea. And with my father gone, theydon’t pay as much attention to my whereabouts. So, is it a deal?”

She held out her sack of coin with one hand, and the other for me to shake. I took the gold and shook her hand. Her skin was warm and soft. Damn shame it would be to mar those pretty fingers.


Profile Pic 2013_ About Mysti Parker:

Mysti Parker (pseudonym) is a full time wife, mother of three, and a writer. Her first novel, A Ranger’s Tale was published in January, 2011 by Melange Books, and the second in the fantasy romance series, Serenya’s Song, was published in April 2012. The highly anticipated third book, Hearts in Exile, has already received some great reviews. The Tallenmere series has been likened to Terry Goodkind’s ‘Sword of Truth’ series, but is probably closer to a spicy cross between Tolkien and Mercedes Lackey.

Mysti’s other writings have appeared in the anthologies Hearts of Tomorrow, Christmas Lites, and Christmas Lites II. Her flash fiction has appeared on the online magazine EveryDayFiction. She has also served as a class mentor in Writers Village University’s six week free course, F2K.

Mysti reviews books for SQ Magazine, an online specfic publication, and is the proud owner of Unwritten, a blog voted #3 for eCollegeFinder‘s Top Writing Blogs award. She resides in Buckner, KY with her husband and three children.

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Tallenmere Series:

A Ranger’s Tale, Tallenmere #1
Serenya’s Song, Tallenmere #2
Hearts in Exile, Tallenmere #3

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