Time for Reading

Reading is an incredible thing. It honestly walks you through the infinite possibilities in the human mind. Reading can educate, enlighten, inform and inspire anyone who picks up a book, tablet or looks over their computer screen. Taking time to read daily for ourselves can be a challenge but one worth aspiring to.

By taking time to read non-fiction, people have learned about the stars, the atom and the legal ramifications of calling someone a bull in the state of New Mexico in the United States of America.  It instructs, informs and motivates individuals toward greater knowledge and personal challenges. It equips the reader with tools they didn’t have before the first page and with knowledge to utilize those tools effectively.

By taking time to read fiction, people have felt what it is to fly, walk through walls, be trampled down and lifted back up. Fiction inspires people to dream and reach beyond what they believe they can. It instils a desire to aspire and shows us that no matter how bad life is, we will always find choices, and we will always overcome.

Yes, we have to read for work, and yes we have to read to our children, but we need to take time to read for ourselves. Sometimes, the reading may only be 10 minutes for a whole day. In that 10 minutes, a reader can escape the world around them and emerge themselves in personal betterment or just some personal time.  We all have ‘one of those days’ where having the 10 minute escape can make all the difference in how we address and overcome it.

Bottom line – take time for yourself and take time to read.

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