Even the smallest degree of hope can spark love.
Against her wealthy father’s demands, and the usual blockades of a male dominated profession, Kylie Sanderson proves worthy of her position as lead investigator of planet Andan’s Scientific and Investigative Research Taskforce. Someone is killing Andan’s women in an attempt to mutate them into reptiles. Kylie makes it her mission to discover who’s behind the murders and prevent more grotesque deaths.

Shapeshifting lizard Griff comes to Andan to stop his brethren from mutating other planets’ women into mindless breeding stock. Overcoming Kylie’s suspicious and defensive nature proves difficult, but he must in order to help the SIRT team thwart his planet’s scientists.

When Kylie is abducted and becomes the first human to survive the transformation, it’s up to Griff to rescue her so SIRT can restore her human form. On the run and desperate to unravel the mysteries of Kylie’s past to solve the crimes of their present, can she and Griff forge a future for themselves?

CONTENT WARNING: Language, Violence, Sex

From Lyrical Press–coming June 3, 2013!

Excerpt:(this is the opening page:)

The officer guarding the half-lit, reeking alley behind Restaurant Row directed Agent Kylie Sanderson into the shadows behind him. “Your partner’s already down there. And, it’s two of them, ma’am.”
Kylie, wearing designer alpaskin boots, picked her way through the mud and discarded piles of food. Her mother, who found these things so important, must have finagled six months just to get her hands on this pair. She’d hate her daughter wearing them in stinking garbage. The thought made Kylie smile.
Her smile faded as she approached the heavy black dumpster. Behind it, her partner puked the contents of his stomach. Based on the history of this case, though, his indiscretion was likely not entirely due to his rookie status.
It was bad, then. But they always were.
Steeling herself, she climbed up on the plastic fruit crate in front of the dumpster and looked inside. The odor rising from the mélange of trash, rotted meat and spoiled dairy products sickened her, too, but not as much as the two women’s bodies on top did. Or at least what used to be women.
Holding one hand over her mouth and nose, Kylie shone her flashlight on the pile. The bodies were similar to the six others who’d turned up in the last few months in different areas of Muraco. Each dead woman was naked, and horribly mutated. Their flesh and organs had transformed by varying degree into green, scaly reptiles. Others had lost arms or legs to the change, their bones elongated, their hands narrow with nails turned into hard claws. This was the first one whose face was gone.
Blank yellow eyes stared, her nose and mouth distorted into a pointy chunk of mottled green hide. Fangs protruded from under the desiccated lips.
Yeah, this one was bad.
Kylie stepped off the box, never so glad she’d skipped lunch for a drink with an old friend.
Bio: Lyndi Alexander dreamed for many years of being a spaceship captain, but settled instead for inspired excursions into fictional places with fascinating companions from her imagination that she likes to share with others. She has been a published writer for over thirty years, including seven years as a reporter and editor at a newspaper in Homestead, Florida. Her list of publications is eclectic, from science fiction to romance to horror, from tech reporting to television reviews. Lyndi is married to an absent-minded computer geek. Together, they have a dozen computers, seven children and a full house in northwestern Pennsylvania.

If you’d like to contact Lyndi, you can reach her here: lyndialexander at gmail dot com. or Lyrical Press at

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