Release day of Inferno by Karyn Pearson (Hellfire Trilogy)

This story has been excitedly anticipated by many readers. Today, it was released to a flurry of excitement! The first story in Karyn Pearson’s Hellfire Trilogy is Spark. This story unravels the strings of chaos wound tightly around a young demon huntress on a mission to rescue her mother. Just when she thinks she’s able to calm down and move forward with a peaceful life, Hell interferes again.

Inferno 3

Inferno Synopsis:

After defeating the Saligia, Ardentia thought that her journey had come to a close. With her mother’s curse broken, she had hoped for peace at last. Hell had other plans.

Demons have grown bolder; they strike at all hours of the day, laying siege to the borders of the sanctuary towns, and possess humans to get around the wards meant to keep them out. To make matters worse, there is an even greater threat looming on the horizon. A new power has risen in the north, Belial, the first of four Crown Princes of Hell.

The Crown Prince is ruthless—far more powerful than the likes of any demon Ardentia or Noxius haveever faced. He seeks to travel to the four corners of the Earth and free his brothers, Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Ba’al. Should Belial’s plan succeed, Lucifer will rise and the final battle for mankind’s survival will begin.

No one is safe; not even the defenses of the great city of Salvatio can keep the powers of Hell at bay. Belial’s reach is vast, extending deep into the holy city itself. A traitor walks within the walls, tearing Salvatio down from the inside out.

Now, it is a race against the clock, and Ardentia must stop Belial before all is lost. The dangers she must face are greater than they have ever been. She knows the journey alone might kill her, provided the demon does not get around to it first. But even the threat of certain death will not stop her.

Ardentia has but one choice—to brave the hellfire and face Belial, or watch her world be lost to the coming inferno.


Excerpt from Inferno:


Ira Finem was in sight.The huntress looked ahead, spying countless numbers of bat-like creatures swooping over the town like vultures circling their prey before going in for the kill. Smoke rose from buildings and broken down parts of the old wall,smaller fires burned here and there. As she got closer, she could make out the faint sounds of fighting in the distance, but they eventually fell silent, the demons shrieking in victory.

“Damn it,” Noxius cursed. “At this rate, we’ll be lucky if the town is still standing by the time we reach it!”

“How bad is it?”Ardentia asked. “What do you see?”

“Humans under demon control, at least twenty of them.”

The huntress gave an aggravated sigh. “Great,” she paused, taking a moment to breathe. “And how many demons?”

“At least three times as many possedi, perhaps more, and some of them are upper level demons, but most are the usual lower level weaklings.”

“So not even enough for a warm up.”

Noxius laughed. “You sound disappointed.”

“I am…a little.”

They sped forward, the wall approaching fast. The sound of the motorcycle engine caught the soaring demons’ attention, six of them breaking off from their predatory ring above the town and diving toward them. Ardentia’s eyes flashed upward at the incoming swarm and then to Noxius. He gave a nod, flying up to meet them. A moment later fiery bodies rained from the sky and Noxius returned to the huntress’ side in time for another wave of attacking demons.

The huntress ground her teeth together in irritation and reached for one of the pistols holstered at her hips. She drew the gun, steadying the motorcycle with one hand, still driving forward, and took aim, firing off a few rounds. The holy bullets found their marks in the demons’ wings, legs, and chests, the burning purifying power causing them to scream in agony.Some of them tumbled out of the sky, landing incrumpled heaps of burning, broken limbs on the plain.

Ardentia smirked,whipping her head back to glance at the felled demons, satisfied to see that none of them were able to give chase, and then looked ahead again, spying a couple hunters on the wall trying to fend off four possedi. She would have to help them later. Drawing her eyes away,her gaze focused to just below the top of the wall, realizing the gate was closed. At the rate of speed she was traveling, she would crash into the doors. She sighed and holstered her pistol, pressing her fingers to her lips in a shrill whistle.

The hunters on the gate glanced her way, still trying to fight off their attackers. One nodded at the other and he took off running for the lever that would raise the gate. He sprinted to the center of the wall, not daring to look back to see if therewere any demons or possedipursuinghim. With a leap, he reached the lever and slammed it down. Slowly, the gate creaked to life, an iron chain winding up as it rose.

“Ardentia,” Noxius started anxiously, “We’re still moving too fast.”

“I know,” she answered him.

“We’re going to crash.”


You can purchase Spark and Inferno for .99 cents each until February 3rd!

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Author Biography:


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Karyn Pearson is the author of Spark (Hellfire Trilogy #1) and Inferno (Hellfire Trilogy #2) and full-time pet parent of her two dogs Nikki and Jamie. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and has explored dozens of cultures in her studies, but has imagined countless more. Karyn enjoys reading, playing action RPGs, and plotting the next adventure for her characters when she has a spare moment free of the dreaded and undefeated “puppy dog eyes attack.” Her current projects include Embers (Hellfire Trilogy #3) and the first novel of the upcoming vampire series, Arcturian Bloodlines. When she’s not writing, Karyn can be found playing with her puppies or Googling various dangerous topics for novel research that make her constantly question why federal agents haven’t yet knocked down her front door.

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