September 23rd will be Autumn Equinox, the day when light and dark are in perfect balance. This is also the day when events in the final book in the Portal series, Child of the Portal, begin. It’s the date of the first major character death and the beginning of the end.

Today is Launch day for the Paperback edition of Child of the Portal. Keep reading for a chance to win a copy.


Child of the PortalKate and Lily sat drinking tea in Lily’s kitchen. Winter was starting to set in properly and there was frost on the ground most mornings.

“You’ve had your hair cut,” Lily observed, feeling the need to break the silence that surrounded them in the kitchen.

“Yes. I had it done the other day,” Kate confirmed, her hair still long but trimmed shorter than it had been, falling now only to rest on her shoulders instead of flowing down her back.

“It looks good.” The compliment fell easily from Lily’s lips. She smiled and it radiated the simple sincerity behind her few words.

“Thank you.” Kate lifted her head from where she had been staring into the depths of her almost empty, but ever present, tea mug.

There is a box of 50 paperback copies on the way to me and as soon as they arrive I’ll begin numbering them. They are the FIRST 50 ever printed and can be bought here.

To buy your limited, numbered copy – Check the box to buy and click “Add to cart” below.

Child of the Portal – Paperback, signed, numbered: First 50+cert. £12.49 (Postage added at checkout) Price includes an Eco Libris Tree Planting sticker, and a tree will be planted to offset the paper used to print each copy sold. With thanks to Eco Libris for this service. Please put any message requests in the shopping cart comments. Thank you.

But, if you want a chance to win a random book from that box of 50, then you can try this instead.

What if, one day, someone decided to make films of the Portal series?

To enter the draw to win your own copy, you need to cast the main characters in a film of one of the books. Go to Storycasting.com and create a cast for one or more of the Portal series books. Then come back and leave a comment to tell me you did that, and what your user name is on Story Casting. Each character you cast will gain you one entry into the draw. Bonus entries if you cast more than one book – I’ll count each character in EACH cast! So if you cast Kate, Lily and Sam in all 3 books that’s 9 entries. The more you cast the more chances you have.

The draw will be made using a random selection on Sept 30th. Make sure we have a way of contacting you.

But there’s only one paperback to be won. I might gift some ebooks as runner up prizes if the casts are good!

Oh, and if you don’t win, or don’t want a limited one….. Here are some links.

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