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My iPhone buzzed to remind me I needed to write a blog post today. Yes, as sad as may seem I need the calendar function to remind me of such things. If I don’t I get into bed at night and think ‘blast I should’ve…’ I logged with a head full of ideas what to write, then it struck. The empty page phenomenon. What happens is a minuscule naughty imp jumps up, creeps in through your ear and whizzes the words straight out of your brain again. I’ve tried cotton wool, but it actually seems to like the stuff… I digress.

The only way to beat him is to type or write anything.  You see he is not very clever, he thinks if he steals your ideas he himself becomes cleverer, but we as writers are smarter than a naughty imp. Put anything down, what you are going to cook for dinner. What colour socks you’re wearing, bare feet today by the way, too warm for socks. In short anything. Then what happens is he gives up a lot of the ideas again. He may retain the ghost of ideas, but they’re probably not the best ones.

Now you know what to do. I do find in general the plot bunnies keep him firmly under control, but you know bunnies they occasionally go off and do bunny things. Then he takes chance and sneaks up. If you are finding your bunnies are not behaving… Well that is an entirely new blog post all of its own.

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