Come on, we need to find the Turkey!

Turkey TrotHow do you fancy a bit of a Hide and Seek hunt with all sorts of book prizes and mini competitions along the way?


First you need to go to Indie Authors United. Go on, click the link, it should open in another window so this will still be here for you. Done that?

Thank you.

Indie Authors United is well worth a browse through the rest of the site, so you might want to bookmark it for perusal later.

See the list of links? All 14 of them? They’re all facebook pages. It’s not ranked, it’s just a list. Some of our members are linked there and there are lots of other fabulous book related pages to explore too.

But each and every page linked on that list has chosen to shelter Ms Turkey Trot somewhere ….. That’s her there, in the picture. Can you find her before the hunters do? Or maybe you’re one of the hunters?

So pick one of the links, click it, follow it and see where you end up. When you find her, you need to Like the page you’re on and follow whatever instructions are with her. Once you’ve done that, go back to the list and try another link…. You could be wandering for a while so I hope you brought a flask of pumpkin soup and some sandwiches.

We hope you find new and interesting people and books along the way!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members, friends, fans and readers.

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