The Unscheduled Stops – Release Day

I’ve made it to Release Day!  The Unscheduled Stops anthology is now available for download on Smashwords.  The e-book is free until Dec. 31, 2011.

View the video trailer on Youtube – The Unscheduled Stops – Trailer.

Take a look at the webpage

How would you like to win an 11X17 photographic print of the original, untitled, wrap-around cover design, signed by artist Dave J. Ford and myself?  Here’s how you do it…

This is a writing challenge.  In less than 350 words, introduce a character to me by describing ONLY their hands.  Writers will often give descriptions of a character’s body or facial structure.  We nearly always describe their eyes, but rarely have I seen a characters hands mentioned or decribed.  Place your entry in the comments below until December 5, 2011.  I will then post the entries on my fanpage for two days.  My fans will chose the winner by “liking” the entries. The entry with the most likes by midnight on December 7th (E.S.T.), will win the print.  Good Luck!! (If you’d like to see a copy of the print, you can view it HERE.

Now, back to the book.  The anthology is 5 pieces of poetry/prose and six short stories. Here is a breakdown of the short stories:

Daisy’s Love at War – 2892 words
An 84 year old widow living with dementia, Daisy Patterson struggles with reality, fantasy and memory.  She was a war-bride and a writer in her youth.  One of her caregivers is about to discover there’s more to Daisy than anyone thought.

No Cookies Today – 720 words
An errand, a bag of cookies and a temper tantrum; the things that can change our perspective can be so unusual.

Thief’s Moon – 2608 words (erotic-romance)
A cat burglar and a lawyer with a shared past.  Love and passion can change everything.

Chance – 1300 words
Even when your heart is brittle, sometimes love is worth the risk.

A Startling Character – 981 words
A writer goes to a cafe to find a subject for a character study, but who is studying who?

Moving On – 1224 words
The end of a marriage is painful. What comes after is even harder.

I hope you enjoy your journey to The Unscheduled Stops with me.

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4 thoughts on “The Unscheduled Stops – Release Day

  1. Sinead MacDughlas Post author

    Great entries, all three of you! I’m sorry I’m late announcing the winner. I’ve been fighting off a cold and failing. Unfortunately it’s made my brain a little fuzzy. The votes were all in on time, and the winner is Catrina! Catrina, if you could send me an e-mail with your postal address, I’ll get you print in the mail, A.S.A.P. 😀

  2. Sarah

    She took a long look at her hands. They bore scars and calluses that came from the garden. Small nicks and grazes from the earth smattered across the skin. Dark soil ingrained along the sides of the fingers so ingrained now she knew that no amount of scrubbing would fully clean it all. Even her nails, kept practically short, were scuffed and dull.
    Lily smiled to herself. Once she had had the time to care for her hands. Now she revelled in the teasing of life from this earth. She reached out a hand and pulled back the cloth.

  3. Catrina

    Kala looked down at her hands, in the years since coming on board, they had changed. When she arrived they were soft, unblemished, gentle. They had never taken a life, never encountered the pain other felt in death, never had they gripped another in self defense. Now, her hands were covered in blood. The blood of an enemy who tried to take her life and the life of those she cared about. There was skin entrenched beneath the nails. Her hands were bruised, torn and sore. She saw the age as the blood dried in the crevices of her dried skin. She studied the hands that saved her people with intensity, until she was called upon again to go back into the war.

  4. Roland Capalbo

    Writing Challenge ( first post had an error)
    The creature known only as Manos, gripped the concrete wall as it peered over to view its next victim. If anyone looked to where Manos was hidden all they would see were a pair of the most disturbing looking hands ever seen. Even though they were a pair, they were by no means identical. The left, shaped like a human’s, was corn-husk in color with each digit of varying lengths, lacking any symmetry whatsoever. The index finger was the only one to contain a nail, which was three inches in length and ended in a fine needle point. Manos used this stiletto like appendage to pop the eyeballs of his prey to blind them. The right hand was as black and discolored like that of a rotting corpse, shaped like the jaws of a vice. The constant clicking sound this made from Manos’s nervous tick would set any person’s teeth on edge. In fact, it was usually the last sound you heard as those vice-like jaws crushed an already screaming wind pipe.

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