Under the Tree.

A small writing prompt, or challenge if you like.

First the rules.

  • Responses must be in 100 words, or less. Bonus points if you can make it exactly 100 words. Not that there are any prizes, but you can pretend.
  • Keep it clean and safe for work, as per the general guidelines for this site.
  • Points will be deducted for boring, predictable responses – be inventive!
  • Have fun!
  • If you share this, or your response, elsewhere online (which you are very welcome to do) then the IWA would appreciate a link back to this post.

And now the prompt.

In 100 words, or less, complete this:


All I want for Christmas is……


“You” and other predictable responses like, “World peace” will be summarily laughed at unless you add a nice, juicy, but clean, twist.

Happy Holidays!


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2 thoughts on “Under the Tree.

  1. Virginia Lee

    “All I Want for Christmas is Personal Peace”
    I need more than a corner that’s left in all this mess as I cling to shredding sanity. I cannot escape being buffeted by invading noises and demands on me that shatter my nerves from the time when I get up until I drop exhausted into sleep. Overdone and overwrought, I sweat and sacrifice; and try to keep in mind that this is the price for what I wish to achieve come winter’s eve. There will be freedom when I fly! Peace in the starlit skies. Joy in the “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

  2. Quill Shiv

    (100 words)

    All I want for Christmas is a Peace Treaty.

    Why a Peace Treaty? For one day of the year, the Cat and I must raise the white flags. The game of Risk needs to be put on pause. Silent Night should be sung (purred.)

    The War has been long and exhausting. For me. Her kamikaze attacks at 3AM have rendered me weak and ill. And my attempts at behavior modification have driven her mad.

    If Santa is unable to provide this document, I would like notification in advance so I can make arrangements for her.

    If it fits, it ships.

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