This is the time of the year we all reflect on the year past and set goals for the year to come. We eagerly look forward to pursuing those goals with revived energy and determination. Some of us set many small goals, while others set major goals. We have multiple layers that we can look forward to and many that we missed or reached this year.


So I ask, what goals did you set last January? What ones did you reach? What do you want to achieve this year and how do you plan to go about it?

Last year I set a goal to get on the ball with my books, marketing and family. What did that mean for me? That meant the lessons I was getting from the encouraging interaction and support of others, had to be taken to heart and applied. It also meant that when I started to learn about book development with the With Love Project charity series, I’d have to take both physical and mental notes on how to properly market, promote and encourage others to find the anthologies. All vital lessons I’ve taken to heart and by July 26th of this year, Book 1 was complete. After months of revisions and editing it was released on Dec 4th, 2011. So, that was a goal reached successfully.

My family goal last year was to spend more time on a set schedule with the kids. I used to do this and found when I did, my days were more productive and my time with the kids was more enjoyable. This is a goal that was hit and miss for me. One I plan to revise this year to come and be more diligent at pursuing this set schedule. How? I’m going to set a calendar of events with a regular ‘your not working’ after a set time on the daily agenda. This is going to be followed by the goal, plan or meal for the evening.

My health goal at the beginning of the year was to address my weight, which is now causing health issues. At the start of the year, things weren’t what they are now. This has been an emotionally turbulent year for me, as such, this has resulted in additional unhealthy weight. I’m not daunted by this. Instead I’m setting simple daily goals and keeping in touch with an online support group so we can all help each other take steps toward our mutual goals while reaching for personal accountability on those goals. I may have fallen short on this goal, however I’ve learned a lot about reaching for the goal, or any, and how to plan for it.


The one thing I’ve learned through my journey is that any goal can be reached with proper planning and, when needed, remembering to ask for help. Keeping in mind that every goal is reached by many steps allows you to break down the planning in a way that allows you to achieve the bigger goal. For example, the above mentioned book took a lot of research into the market, and creation time. I had to set aside time daily to focus on writing the book.


My 2012 Goals:

Most are baby steps –

Up date my websites twice a week each (four sites)

Create a single post about one of the books I’m responsible for marketing every weekday.

Get out of my work chair for 30 minutes every day, weekday or weekend.

Set one day a week aside entirely for family time.

Stop working at a solid time everyday.

Book goals – 2 novels and 12 short stories by this time next year.


Let me ask again: What were you goals for 2011 and did you reach them? What are your goals for 2012 and how do you plan to reach them?



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