Holiday Inspiration

We’re deep in the trenches of the magical holiday season. A season that stretches from the awesomeness of Halloween, all the way to the suckyness of Valentines day. Right now we’re on the way out of the most packed month of the entire season, December. Just about every religion and culture has a major holiday that falls within the month of December. If you’re fortunate like myself, you’ll get to worry about how to include no less than five different religious celebrations into your schedule so that you don’t leave any of your dear ones in the cold.

Entrenched as we all are in the midst of the month of celebrations, it’s a wonderful time to think about your own work. In your distant and not so distant worlds, what are the holidays like? Is there one massive unifying religion across the entire planet or are there hundreds of different theological choices? Are their holidays solemn or joyous? What do your characters eat in celebration, in reverence, in preparation? How do they celebrate the seasons, the saints, the heavens?

Jot down ideas for alternate Halloweens, New Years and even Christmas. The holiday season is full of wonder-ful writing ideas! Don’t miss a single one of them. Happy Holidays!

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