The Heir – from the Portal series

I’ve been slack on here, but sometimes life just takes over and the internet gets shoved to one side. I moved house, lost my internet connection for several weeks and was swamped in packing, moving and then unpacking. Oh, and finding schools, doctors, banks, shops, all those little essentials that need to be sorted out.

Somehow, in amongst all that, I managed to find the time and space to finish a new short story, which was just released.

The Heir.

The Heir - from the Portal seriesHeavily pregnant, her magic waning, and the life of her unborn child threatened by her consort, Lilith flees her home to seek the aid of her sister. Heather has been in hiding and only Lilith knows where she is or how to reach her.

Heather holds the healing magic that Lilith needs and Heather lives in the one place where Lilith’s unborn child might be safe.

The Heir is a short story, set roughly 30 years before the events in The Portal Between, and your kindle purchase will include the beginning of The Portal Between as a bonus.

This short story is a direct result of reader feedback, and the constant questions about Lily’s earlier life, how it all started. The Heir doesn’t answer all those questions, but it might fill a few gaps. Keep asking me things, you never know when it might lead to a new story.

The Portal Series.

Amazon Kindle – UK

The whole Portal Series is also available on Kindle in the US, and in other Amazon regions.

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