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#TeaserTuesday Beautiful Mess Series

My novels are part of the #BeautifulMessSeries currently 2 books in the 5 part series are published. Beautiful & Beautiful Seduction.


A series revolving around the lives of 5 childhood friends. What do you do when the seemingly innocent things you go after in life, seem to turn chaotic at every turn? Searching for a long lost love, wanting to be a better husband and father than yours was, focusing on building your career, letting go and letting love in, how can any of those things end in turmoil? Read to find out.
The Beautiful Mess Series, is full of real life scenarios that will challenge you, move you, maybe even anger you. You’re sure to known someone going through something that one of the characters are enduring.
Also, check out #voicesbehindTheTears a domestic violence anthology written by over 30 authors, as young as 12 years old.
#Untapped :a collection of erotic firsts, is an erotic anthology crafted by 10 authors to tickle your seductive fancy.
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