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Excerpt Faire Eve


The undeniably talented Catherine Stovall has been kind enough to share an excerpt with her incredible new release. I will tell you this from opening the first pages, it draws you in and doesn’t let you go, even as an adult reader. The tale is woven spectacularly. The characters are lively and relatable, and this author is one to know. Enjoy the excerpt from the incredible new release, and then purchase the book. You won’t be disappointed.

Excerpt Faire Eve by Catherine Stovall

A demon stood directly in front of Eldon. Its long snout and beady eyes glowered at him from the dark. A long cloak covered most of its body and the hood hid its short spiky ears. Two hands protruded from the sleeves, each finger the size of a corncob and tipped with a razor sharp claw. The Astaroth demon resembled the human’s idea of a werewolf with short ears and no tail. Incredibly quick in both mind and body, despite its huge size, the Astaroth was capable of ripping Eldon in half.
Eve stood at the mouth of the alley behind her mother, watching. The demon lurched toward Eldon and a rush of warm air flowed out of the alley. Eve gasped in both fear and wonder. Two large wings sprang from Eldon’s back. They were nothing like what Eve had imagined a fairy’s wings to be. In the cartoons, fairy wings looked similar to a butterfly and always shimmered as if made from gold dust.
    Eldon’s wings looked tattered but beautiful. The copper colored silk gleamed with turquoise, red, and yellow. A deep ebony color covered the tips and they shivered in the chill of the air as if they contained a life of their own. His wings were dark, lovely, and the perfect match for him.
Reaching for his sword, Eldon realized too late, he was unarmed. A long clawed hand shot out, leaving an oozing wound down his right arm before he could spin out of reach. Stumbling a little, Eldon distanced himself from the brick wall enough to extend his wings. With one gentle swoosh; he rose several feet off the ground. His wings pulled back behind him and he descended the distance in a rush. A satisfying crunch followed as his left foot planted against the demon’s snarling face. The Astaroth turned on him, barely dazed by the blow, and two others appeared at its flanks.
    Something silver flashed in the night, followed by a loud crack. The first demon’s head split open with a sickening plop, making Eldon think of bubbling mud. Aibell screamed at Eldon to move out of the way, as she sent another star hurdling toward the second demon. As the creature opened its mouth to roar, the weapon stuck in the exposed cavity. The thing fell to the ground growling, snapping, and choking. Its long talons dug into the hairy flesh of its own throat in an effort to dislodge the small metal throwing star.
    Aibell tossed Eldon what looked like a long piece of golden wire and he caught it as the third and final demon attacked. The monster was on him before he could position the garrote or lift himself out of the way. Its fangs dug into his shoulder as he fought against the demon’s massive build. Slinging its head back and forth like a pit bull with a rope toy, the Astaroth flung Eldon’s body from side to side. His beautiful wings smashed against the wall and the violent lunges caused them to rip and tear against the harsh brick.
The world began to fade to black. He was losing consciousness as the demon’s poison flooded his system. He felt his wings retract, beaten and bloody, they were of no use to him. Fairies’ wings were the most vulnerable part of their bodies. They freed themselves during battle but once rendered useless, they folded back inside the flesh to heal. In a final attempt to free himself from the powerful jaws holding him, Eldon gripped the garrote tightly in his free hand and flicked it towards the creature like a whip.
    The end wrapped around the Astaroth’s long snout twice and Eldon yanked with all the strength he had left. The enchanted metal of the garrote began to burn and the wire sunk deeper into the demons flesh. The monster released Eldon and began to tear the wire off its muzzle. Eldon fell to the hard pavement and frantically kicked his legs, trying to distance himself from the beast. The wire would not keep it distracted long and his wounds were too severe for him to be able to fight it unarmed.
Aibell’s scream echoed off the brick walls as she ran to him, unable to watch from the sidelines any longer. Her white gossamer wings sprang out behind her. The neon lights barely caught the silver streaks through the sheer chitinous layers. A Valkyrie priestess in training, she could throw the stars or use the garrote but little else. Her self-defense skills were limited. Her preparation focused on the basics because, once she became a priestess, living and dead soldiers would surround her at all times. Despite her frail size and her non-existent battle skills, Aibell ran at the demon.


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