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Before Afterlife

I wrote my first book (Mom’s on the Roof and I Can’t Get Her Down) about afterlife (Heaven & God), prophecy, and miracles. The backdrop of that saga was my mother’s cancer or terminal experience. Many of my books cover faith healing: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I hear about miraculous events, and it makes me think as well as wonder. Some of my contemplation follows.

In my candid opinion, it is NOT that unique that STEVE JOBS saw something in the last minutes of his life and excitedly reacted to it with one word, “WOW!”

Even when hearing everyday tales about some presumed atheists; many people discuss how someone they know showed similar reactions in their final minutes. However, because- they are NOT famous- we hear about their deathbed events but it may not register as strongly in our psyche that they had the “wow” experience. Those individuals may be experiencing the last moments here on earth just as vividly as Jobs’ feedback but- because they are normal folks- we seem to need example after example of the 0ther soul’s last moments to find peaceful closure in death or a sense of security that there is more to life than just this place.

I think the cool thing is that an agnostic at best (Steve) was enlightened in seemingly the final minutes or seconds of his time here on earth- which shows the power of the Eternal Being in charge of all the master plans of our lives. While still alive, it is never too late to believe.

Hospice staff and many other people will divulge that patients or family and friends do things such as the following:

the dying soul raises their hands in praise,

the patient stops being restless,

that person suddenly smiles or glows in delight,

the dying individual divulges that they see someone else in the room that most cannot see

a co-witness (usually a child) in the area reacts with them to the vision that remains only visible to them,


the passing soul sings praise similar to, “WOW!”

Those examples are not exhaustive.

By the way, it seems that the younger soul doesn’t block the experience with terms such as: I must be delusional or that experience may be unreal or simply a nice story. As we age, humans tend to be warned of such nonsense and tune those types of visions out. However, a person such as JOBS can affect more lost souls in search of something to believe in. That is why his quote is historic. I think his tale was great to share and thank his sister for imparting his last word on this world.

My Tale starts, here.

Speaking of strong beliefs and my flights of fancy or fantasy, I’ve been on my way to Heaven twice that I can recall. The more recent one took place one night in May 2011, while I was sleeping; Angel Gabriel arrived unexpectedly in my dreams. That BEING asked, “Ready to go?” The winged guide held my hand through clouds and brightness.

I dared ask a question after realizing we were Heaven bound. “Is mom there?”

That angel responded, “She’s been there waiting and excited to see you.”

I uttered, “Me too! I’m excited to see her again.”

Suddenly, sadness enveloped me because it dawned on me that my girls and husband would experience grief due to my death. As Peter at the Pearly Gates got closer to us or we flew nearer to him, my being jolted awake. My mind, soul, and heart were praying ‘The Lord’s Prayer;’ Mom always taught us that is the perfect prayer for any situation.

I have sensed Heavenly presences especially while my mother was terminal and for months after her death. However, I had no idea who that angel really was. On the Internet the next day, I discovered that Gabriel announced John Baptist and Jesus’s birth. That angel announces prophets. Did God intend for me to proclaim Jesus or His Second coming; I highly doubted I should expect that literal event soon but am preparing just in case.

Where was Gabriel really taking me? I’m not sure but I was elated not scared during that dream sequence waking up with the notion and guidance to write another, nonfiction book.

Meanwhile, according to the prophecy mom gave me before leaving with Jesus to Paradise, I was to take care of four children including one named JOHN. Was Heaven expecting me to announce John’s arrival? I still have no idea who that boy is. Meanwhile, my mother literally introduced me to Heaven twenty years earlier through her Near Death Experience (NDE) trip to Heaven and Earth and then back to the Afterlife. During that journey, she brought me prophecy as well as other messages from God, which I chronicled it in my first book (Mom’s on the Roof and I Can’t Get Her Down) and sequel (My ArmOR).

Even while sharing any of my thoughts, I am acutely aware of the concern to discern what people say about God and His plans. Including what I write or say! “Be careful not to fall prey to false teachings and gods; the lunatic fringe is out there. Take this as a word of warning. Not everything in print is true. Just because a book says so-a newscaster says so-a celebrity says so- a friend says so- a leader says so- DOES NOT MAKE IT SO! The Bible warns us about false teachings and leaders in passages like those that follow.”

It’s a balancing act as you learn how to discern the truth from lies.

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Let the Females Lead

Faith Healing is a term used most often during a Christian revival; a person stands up and out of their wheelchair amazing the crowds with their saunter. The doubters among us think that the individual was planted in the audience and never really had walking issues. It’s an idea some say they witness after a ‘man of the cloth’ blesses a dying individual; it’s a spontaneous event from a death bed. Most skeptics want proof that that human was really leaving this planet permanently. Rarely, someone defines faith healing as a ‘condition of the soul’ and its healing from the cynicism that keeps that individual from experiencing the faith and hope of miracles and God’s interventions.

When my mother passed away, I witnessed the latter event; my spirit began its healing process. My mom died but my fears and concerns in my heart and soul were – for the most part- reconciled. However, I still lacked the full trust to’ let go and let God’ in parts of my daily life. Thus, He kept sending unsolicited proof that he was still there listening to my form of prayers and petitions. I protected myself most of my life from dysfunction and delusions. Even as I witnessed His Glory through others, it took a good pounding of my heart, mind, and soul before I’d surrender to God’s Will. I’d say, “We can only be 99% sure that there is a God and Heaven!” That was my way of justifying my coping mechanism with the many tragedies in my life.

As my revival began, Wavie walked into my world. Her story is quite a loud message that God is ‘alive and well’ and cares about our daily problems. Even on the first day I met the woman, as I walked with her across the campus where we worked, I had no idea of her full and amazing story. Spontaneously, she rambled on about her Christian witness and near death experience. Bottom line, the new friend claimed to have a personal relationship with Jesus and God but not just because her tradition spoke to that idea. That lady truly believed she met and knew the Maker of Heaven and Earth as she healed from a major car accident. The very religious woman states that while dead to this world that she had glimpses of life here and life after death. Was it the drugs or her swollen brain that made this woman delusional or did GOD really communicate with her during her 14 day coma?

While unconscious, that Human Being claims that she spent time in an intimate conversation with God through several situations including but not limited to visions, dreams, and prayers. Plus, without fully exiting her comatose state, she was acutely conscious of this world and the next. Are you the least bit intrigued?

I was and helped her capture her saga for posterity and God. After her near fatal car accident that required the ‘Jaws of Life’ to free her, she met God and still talks with Him, today, as He guides her Will and messages to other souls on this Earth. Find out how she recovered, the miracles involved, and how this soul coped. She found herself wheelchair bound being told she might never walk, again. What steps did her life take after surrendering to The Almighty’s Will? You’ll have to read her full witness to find out.

Then, there is Anne. Her life was less than picture perfect when she encountered breast cancer. Winning that battle with a potentially terminal disease, she went on to suffer some chronic and old age diseases from minor strokes through congestive heart failure. At over 80, she still struggles with her body’s desire to shut down. However, during one of her revivals, the woman escaped death with the help of a Presence that healed her from an apparent bleed out. What or who was that Presence? Angels? The Holy Spirit? God -himself? You can read about her amazing faith healing in her fuller witness or book.

Have I tempted you in a good way? To be continued….

In the meantime, come on buy their books Through the Storms HE Performs and The Presence-The Presents. Maybe, God will show you how HE has been with you through all your suffering and cares or will present you with your own faith healing including the healing of your soul.

Excerpt:- “Through the Storms HE Performs”

(Did I forget to tell you Waive was pregnant at the time of her accident? That situation complicated her healing process from the onset!)

Meanwhile, the doctors felt their hands tied because they could not operate freely on her due to her unborn daughter. In the aftermath of the near fatal accident, her physicians could not simply focus on getting her well because her surgeries had to be spaced out to protect the fetus. Plus, some alternatives to highly sedated operations must be found in order to protect the life growing within her womb. One day, her doctor trusted in prayer and this patient’s good attitude as he scheduled an alternative to a full out restorative procedure on one of her limbs.

“I want to fix the gaping hole in your leg,” He bowed the same way he did in prayer while this patient laid unconsciousness days earlier. “I cannot give you more anesthesia due to your condition.”

Wavie understood the severity of her lesion while wondering what the procedure entailed. As they stared at her wounded body, the image of missing chunks of tissue greeted them unpleasantly. The leg did not contain enough tissue or outer skin to simply press and pull to stitch is closed. He tugged at her remaining skin to demonstrate just how bad the hole in her limb looked. On top of the opening, that body part already housed metal pins and drainage tubes from previous procedures. However, the stench at the sight warned of pending bacterial invasions that might claim the leg if left in its open state. She remembered this smell that greeted her nose during her twilight state; her heart knew the area needed major healing. The procedure discussed already felt overdue.

This doctor did not leave her in the dark about her situation and the pending operation for long, “I need to graft a part of your buttocks to your holey leg, tomorrow. During the procedure, I will give you a local painkiller because I cannot put you completely under.”

After exiting the coma, this pending operation was the only time that Wavie ever felt apprehensive. She worried with prayer all night. If she balked at the doctor’s idea, infection might set in. Her wound needed to heal so that her leg could remain a part of her body. After her mediation on the consequences of resisting this surgery, worry set in. What would the next day bring?

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him. (Matthew 6:8)
After realizing her full healing remained out of her control, she allowed God to whisper in her ear guiding her thoughts and prayers. As she contemplated the next day getting very little rest, she relived the man’s visits. She remembered a doctor praying with her the day he visited her comatose bedside. Suddenly, she envisioned the healing her physician asked from God. Her highly agitated soul settled into the Supernatural Being’s goal for her recovery.

The next day, when her physician arrived to prepare her for the procedure to repair the damaged tissue in that leg, he pulled her limb into view. Simultaneously, shock and amazement filled their souls and the room. The Lord recovered her tissue during the night, and there remained only a small hole where the drainage tube and metal bracing holding her broken leg resided on this once more fully mangled appendage. That day, one of many miracles met their eyes and blended into their hearts as well as this testimony. God stayed with her just as He guaranteed in His whispers throughout this whole ordeal. His promises healed her painful situation faster than the medicine or man!

While the faithful such as Wavie believe everlasting, those struggling with the reason bad things happen need to see legs heal and other mending wonders to widen their faith. Many humans need clearer signs of God’s love; that is why this and other miracles occurred in Wavie’s religious story. These types of phenomena happen to help those on the perimeter feel a part of the circle of God’s, loving arms. These events change outlooks; sometimes they help the victim. At other times, they encourage those nearby. When communicated orally or in a book, these testimonies give many new insights into God’s deep and eternal love for all mankind.

So, how far did the healing go? Would Wavie ever leave her wheelchair? COME ON BUY her book to find out

Excerpt: “The Presence-The Presents”

(In this part of the saga, Anne nearly dies!)

Even though, the time of day made it April Fool’s Day, the doctor looked her straight in her eye saying, “If we can’t stop your bleeding, you will be dead by the end of the day!” The announcement was not followed by laughter and a clever line about how this hospital visit was all just a bad joke. That would not be funny, anyway! Unbelievable thoughts raced through her mind as Anne heard, “This fever must break before you can receive a blood transfusion. Without it, there is not much hope!”

This news shook Anne to her soul. She finally heard that her bruising indicated internal bleeding that might kill her. When lunch arrived, she nibbled not feeling any urge to eat. She felt some contentment but she could not rest or sleep, either- not right away.

About three in the afternoon, two women from her church came in and gave her communion. They asked Anne to pray with them, which she did. All of the sudden, tears rolled down the patient’s cheeks. She sobbed as they continued praising. Soon, she heard Father Joe’s shuffle coming down the hallway.

The two women greeted this priest at the door informing him, “Our sister in Christ is crying but we do not know why!”

He entered the room as the two women left. Anne failed to speak due to her emotional state. Without delay, the priest started anointing this sick parishioner. As his healing hands moved over Anne’s forehead, again, with God as her witness, her body felt on fire. The tears really flowed through the prayers of this man. Without uttering a word, she remained mystified as he finished his sacramental blessing then left her hospital room.

Near the end of his blessing, she stopped crying. Anne felt a comforting “presence.” It lulled her into very sound sleep.

She failed to awaken for supper. After midnight, as the night nurse took her vitals, Anne finally spoke asking the woman, “Can you change this bedding and my gown? I am soaking wet!”

Her nurse recognized her, “I remember you from September of last year. I remember your heart’s irregularities spontaneously healed last time you visited us.” Then, she helped change this patient as well as the sheets. As she finished her tasks, the lady added, “I believe you broke that fever. I can call the lab technician to draw your blood. You may be well enough for that transfusion but the blood count will be studied before that procedure. I have a good feeling about your blood work.”

This nurse winked at Anne because this medical worker believed that her patient received blessings and presents of healing from a Supreme Source.

Anne felt very comfortable falling easily back to sleep. About four in the morning, she heard a male voice calling her out of slumber. The face of her technician became less blurry as she opened her eyes. Another familiar face; he drew her blood in September.

“Mrs. LaMonte?” He looked shocked and amazed to see her back.

“Jock, is that you?”

He asked, “How do you know my name?”

Anne answered, “When someone is as patient as you trying to find veins, your attitude remains a great memory especially when you had to use one directly connected to my heart. When you mentioned that only a few people are permitted to use that vein, how could I forget you and your gentleness?”

“So you remember me?”

“Yes, you introduced yourself by name back then. You are from Jamaica, right?” He shook his head smiling while completing his current task.

About a half hour later, the night nurse returned with a huge smile, “Just as I suspected! Your internal bleeding stopped; your blood count is back to normal. There is NO reason for a blood transfusion!”

This woman shared the secret of this healing with Anne but soon others would hear the good news- the God news.

After hearing the test results, Anne let out a sigh of relief falling back to sleep while feeling very content! Voices interrupted her rest. While making rounds with the entourage, the mentoring physician reviewed her blood results. As she remained drowsy, he listened to her heart. He announced to the interns, “This patient arrived with internal bleeding due to unmonitored Coumadin. For some unexplained reason, her bleeding stopped when her fever broke. A technician drew blood a couple of hours ago; her blood count returned to completely standard range. A scheduled blood transfusion became unnecessary.”
Pleasantly pleased, these resident interns and their mentor talked very softly among themselves while shooting strange looks Anne’s direction.

Did her spontaneous healing stump those physcians? COME ON BUY her book to find out that answer and more details.

By the way, as I slowly grew in trust of the ultimate goals God had for my life, as I co-wrote those books and many other nonfictions that witnesses of God’s presence, I encountered many other tales, which I later shared in other nonfiction books.

Stay tuned for more details!

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