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"Take my hand."

Is it time for another writing prompt?

I’m sure you know the rules by now, but here’s a reminder.

  • Use the phrase below as a starting point for your piece.
  • Stay within the word limit – there are constraints to make you focus!
  • Feel free to post your response on your own blog, website, or any other place you share work but please link back to this post if you do so.
  • Please keep your response Work Place Friendly – no swearing, no sex, no erotica, no racism, no nasty. I’m sure you get the idea.

Your phrase, your starting point:

Take my hand.

“Take my hand.”

Take my hand. That’s your starting point, that’s your focus. No more than 250 words please.

Thank you,


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Take me into your dreams.

When writers write we want to draw the readers into our world, show them the wonder and splendour of it. As readers, we yearn to be dragged into the world within the book, to lose ourselves in its pages. Have you ever read a book without being truly conscious of turning the pages?

This is a writing exercise, anyone can join in.

In 200 words, or less, please take me into your dream.

I don’t want you to tell me about your dream, I want to be sucked in and experience a dream with you. Take me by the hand and show me what’s happening, set the scene, share the action.

It could be a real dream you’ve actually had, and often that works best, or you can make something up. But, seriously, actual dreams are weird enough and you know how you felt while dreaming them, make me feel it too.

But, and this is really important, DO NOT tell me what it means! Half the fun is analysing it later and maybe we’ll do that in the comments.


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What's in the box?

While this is a writing exercise, I’d like to think that anyone can join in. So, if you want to have a go then please do. I hope there will be exercises such as this one posted up here from time to time, from various of our members, and I hope you’ll all play along and have some fun.


  • The poster sets word count limits and any other conditions.
  • Supportive and constructive comments only if you feel the need to comment on another’s contribution.
  • There are no prizes.
  • Your words are your own, the Independent Writers’ Association holds no right to anything you post on our site.
  • Have fun!

I’ll start you off and ask you a question, you carry on the piece in 250 words or less and post your response in the comments here. If you wish to share your response, or this exercise then please link back to this post from wherever you’re sharing.

Lit by candles, the table stood in the centre of the room. Its smooth surface the result of years of use and the pressure of many hands across its wooden planes. Three pale wax candles rested on a metal plate to one side, flames casting a flickering light on the box.

The box was a perfect cube, gleaming steel with no apparent opening. But contained inside…..

Your task: What’s in the box?

You have 250 words to explore the room, the table and discover what’s in the box.

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