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Charity Go-Fund Me Campaign – Cancer Related

Bobbie, a mother of 5 has just found out that she has Cancer and must immediately have surgery. Doctors presume but are unsure of whether the Cancer has spread but based on symptoms and other test results its not good. It is more than likely that its spread to her colon. She has NO insurance and no job. She cannot get state medicaid and the government doesn’t care about people like her. Her husband supports her with his Veteran check but even with that they cannot afford to pay for the surgery, doctor visits, gas, co-pays, and other bills. Its life threatening and she must have the surgery immediately. Please help this mother and wife through her battle so that she can remain here on earth with her children. Every dollar helps them through this time of need. Thank you very much for joining this event and sharing it with others. OUR GOAL is $2500 to pay for all the medical bills, gas, and other things such as medicines.


Donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/MomsCancerDonation



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