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A Walk in the Park.

Good Morning!

Today I would like to offer you a small extract from my, hopefully, soon to be published short story, A Walk in the Park. It’s a very short paranormal tale of a man who dreams his own destiny.

Rick heard the whining as he reached his front door after a day at work that had dragged until time slowed to almost stop. He’d named the dog, Heathcliffe, just so he could call the name out in the park. He’d toyed with other names, not so savoury nor as polite, but just as funny. But the shaggy mongrel with the mostly black coat had suited the name, Heathcliffe. So that had stuck. He’d rescued Heathcliffe from the local animal shelter, a skinny, scruffy mutt with adorable eyes, and since then the dog had filled out into a delightful companion who followed Rick everywhere and pined when left alone.

Today it was raining and Rick wished he could stay at home, curled on his large, blue sofa in front of the television on a quiet road on one of the new estates springing up around Wingate. Instead, the dog had been sitting by the door as he arrived home from work. Heathcliffe had his leash clamped firmly in his mouth and seemed to be grinning, teeth bared and panting with his tongue lolling. His huge brown eyes wide and ears perked up. Well, one perked, the other never quite made it, the one with just a sprinkle of white on the tip.

Rick reached down and the leash was placed carefully into his hand. He hung it back on the hook. “Let me get changed first? I suppose a drink and something to eat is out of the question?”

The dog barked, just once. Rick shrugged. “I thought not.” Heathcliffe followed him to the bedroom, waiting expectantly in the doorway while Rick got changed. The dog’s nose brushed the side of his leg as he went into his kitchen to grab a chocolate bar and his trainers. A glance out of the window made Rick reach for his coat but he thought the sky was brightening a little. He laced his trainers up tightly, and Heathcliffe was waiting by the door with his favourite, chewed, slobber soaked, tennis ball in his mouth. “Come on then.” Rick fastened the leash and took the dog out.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and to spend with Rick and Heathcliffe.

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