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Romance, It's a Scary Thing

It’s almost time for me to try to once again flex my own, very underused, romance writing muscle again. As such now seems as good a time as any to remember what I’ve learned over the years about what not to do when writing a romantic scene.

Brevityis the Soul of Passion

Not literally! It’s just that when it comes to the language you’re using to describe the action, get right in there and don’t be afraid to call a spade a spade.

For example don’t take a concept like “orgasm” realize it’s sometimes called a “small death” and then inflate it to “the tiny killing moment.” You’ve gone from concise to so verbose the point is lost along the way.

Everyone Loves a Tease

You want to ramp up tension and desire from as early of a point in your novel as possible – and then you want to hold off on your scene as long as you think you can get away with – until it all comes together with explosive force. By the time your characters come together to bump uglies your readers should be a nervous wreck of displaced desire.

Avoid Cliches

This one is always on a writer’s mind and as such you’ll probably already have a feel for what is and what is not yet a cliche. Don’t be so dogged in your search to avoid cliches that you think you have to invent a new way to describe something (like a kiss, a fuck, or a leather clad rubber duck) that’s pretty common but do avoid using something over again that’s already been used so often it’s synonymous in your mind with a bad joke. Definitely avoid anything like “his throbbing member,” just do.

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